List Of All Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts: The Ultimate Guide

List Of All Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts: The Ultimate Guide

Microsoft’s unprecedented promotion of a free upgrade to the new Windows 10 continues. And more and more users get the coveted “top ten”, impatiently rubbing their hands in anticipation of something interesting. Here, for example, what they can boast of Windows 10 hotkeys for fast and convenient PC work.

Instead of moving the mouse cursor around the screen for a long time and clicking on different buttons several times, sometimes it is enough to press a single key combination on the keyboard – and, voila, desired result we get it in less than a second. Such “short” combinations are very convenient and popular, they are known as “hot keys”, “shortcuts”, shortcuts.

Although the Windows 10 system is similar to the “seven”, it still has many original “chips”, and therefore hotkeys in the new system work a little differently than users of older OS versions are used to. Let’s take a look now some interesting Windows 10 keyboard shortcutswhich you will surely find useful.

Window and application management

The following shortcuts allow you to quickly manage windows and applications while working with Windows 10.

Win + Up Arrow… Expands the active window / application to full screen. If the window was previously docked to one of the edges of the desktop, it will occupy the top quarter of the corresponding side.

Win + Down Arrow… Minimizes the active window / application. If the window was previously docked to one of the edges of the desktop, it will occupy the bottom quarter of the corresponding side

Win + Left Arrow… Attaches a window / application to the left side of the screen.

Win + Right Arrow… Attaches a window / application to the right side of the screen.

Win+D… Shows / hides the desktop.

Win+Home… Minimizes all windows except the active one. If the combination is pressed again, the windows are expanded again.

Win+0…9… Launches the application from the taskbar, the position number of which corresponds to the entered digit.

Virtual desktop management

Virtual desktops are one of the top ten innovations. They allow you to conveniently organize your workspace, for example, by dividing open windows and applications into thematic groups. To work with virtual desktops, you can use these hotkeys.

Win+Ctrl+D… Adds a new virtual desktop.

Win + Ctrl + Right / Left Arrow… Scrolls virtual desktops from left to right and from right to left, respectively.

Win+Ctrl+F4… Closes the active virtual desktop.

Win+Tab… Displays all virtual desktops with all applications on each one.

Other Windows 10 hotkeys

Win+S… Opens a search box.

Win+H… Brings up the Share panel on the right side of the screen.

Win+I… Opens the “Options” window, replacing the “Control Panel” familiar from previous versions in the top ten.

Win+PrtScr… Takes a screenshot and immediately saves the image in the specified folder with images. By default, this is the Screenshots folder in the Pictures folder in the user’s documents.

Win+Alt+PrtScr… Takes a screenshot of the game screen.

Win+G… Opens the game panel to record the progress of the passage.

Win+Alt+G… Records the last 30 seconds of what is happening in the active window.

Win+Alt +R… Starts / stops recording.

It is worth noting that in order to record the passage of games in Windows 10 through the Game Bar, the computer must meet certain requirements. In addition, the “trick” works only in combination with the Xbox application, which is not yet available by default in all countries.


Managing windows and applications in Windows 10