How To Choose A Smartphone By Brand, Carrier, Or Features

How To Choose A Smartphone By Brand, Carrier, Or Features

More and more mobile communication users prefer smartphones to ordinary mobile phones – “smart” mobile phones, which are close to the PDA in functionality. If you decide to get such a phone, you are probably wondering: which smartphone is better to choose?

The main difference between a smartphone and a regular cell phone is operating system… Therefore, in order to decide which smartphone is better to choose, you should decide which mobile operating system is most convenient for you.

Now they are fighting for the palm two operating systems: iOS from Apple, which is used in iPhone smartphones, and the open source Android platform.

You may also come across smartphones on the platform Windows Mobile/Windows Phone and some others. For example, BlackBerry phones run on their own BlackBerry OS platform, and Samsung Wave smartphones run on the Bada platform.

Each operating system has its own pros and cons. So, for Android there are a lot of applications, including free ones, this OS has convenient synchronization with Google services. But also this system has a high power consumption, so the phone will run out of power quickly.

For iOS also written many applications available in the AppStore, its interface is the same for all Apple devices, it is stable and high speed, low power consumption. However, transferring any data from a smartphone to a computer is possible only through iTunes. Plus, iPhones tend to be more expensive than other smartphones with similar functionality.

Basic lack of other mobile OS – this is less prevalence and a small selection of applications available for installation.

So, having decided on the operating system, you automatically narrowed down the choice of devices. Now you need to pay attention to device performance… Performance depends on processor and RAM.

CPU performance depends on the processor clock speed and the number of cores. The speed of the device depends on the clock frequency, the number of simultaneously processed tasks depends on the number of cores.

The more the amount of RAM of the smartphone, so with a large number of applications, you can work comfortably at the same time.

First impulse – choose the most powerful smartphone… But do you need it? A powerful professor and a large amount of RAM are needed, for example, to play high quality videos or resource-intensive games.

Unless you plan to put a lot of stress on your smartphone, you don’t need to choose the most powerful model. This will save money and the battery will drain more slowly. Smartphone performance is selectable depending on your needs, and not on the principle of “the more the better.”

When you have determined the desired performance of the gadget, compose a list of the most important phone functions for you… What is more important to you: stylish design or rugged housing? Good camera or high quality music playback? Or maybe you need support for two SIM-cards or advanced Internet capabilities? Or all together?

Depending on your preference choose a smartphone with the desired functions… The more features you need, the more the smartphone’s performance should be (you may have to choose from smartphones with more performance than you originally planned after making the list) and the battery capacity.

It is impossible to say unequivocally which smartphone is better: everyone has their own preferences and requirements… Therefore, it is important to think in advance for what purposes you will use your smartphone, what options you need the most, and based on this, make a choice.