What Is The Use Of Mi Roaming App?

What Is The Use Of Mi Roaming App?

Regional settings for comfortable roaming is a convenient and useful feature that is present on Xiaomi smartphones by default. But this program also has disadvantages – users in many countries cannot access due to the limited coverage area of ​​the application. A striking example is roaming from Xiaomi.

Mi app roaming - what is it?

What is Mi roaming

Mi Roaming is a program pre-installed in the MIUI system for Xiaomi smartphones. It is needed to set up the appropriate service, thanks to which the owners of branded phones use mobile communications and Internet services on acceptable terms in a number of Asian and European countries. At the same time, you do not need to purchase an additional SIM card – the service fully functions on the basis of a connected operator.

When you activate the Mi Roaming Xiaomi service, it becomes possible to make calls, send SMS and use the mobile Internet at a favorable rate. The location of the user does not matter – the main thing is that the function is available initially on the smartphone. Unfortunately, the application cannot yet be officially used in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Mi app roaming - what is it?

This is how the Mi roaming application looks like.

Features and rates

For Mi Roaming customers from European and Asian countries, a fairly favorable tariff is available without the need to purchase an additional SIM card. After connecting, the cost of 300 MB of mobile Internet at the maximum speed will be $ 1. When this package is used up, unlimited is connected with a speed limit of 128 Kbps.

Such conditions look favorably against the background of expensive roaming tariffs of local operators. Particularly pleased with the presence of unlimited, albeit at low speed. The Internet will always be enough for the full use of browsers, instant messengers, navigator services and other applications, which does not require a high-speed connection. In addition, Mi Roaming users can distribute the Internet to any mobile device via a Wi-Fi connection.

Mi app roaming - what is it?

The cost of using the Mi Roaming app.

How to use the program

To use Mi Roaming bypassing the restrictions, you need to do a number of simple steps, as well as:

  • own a Xiaomi smartphone with official firmware updated to the latest version;
  • have a registered Paypal account or bank card.


If the necessary conditions are met, you can start connecting and configuring Mi Roaming:

  • open the settings;
  • go to the subsection “System and device”;
  • open the item “Advanced configuration”;
  • Choose region”.

In the list of available regions, you must select Indonesia and click on it, and then restart your smartphone. Once enabled, the system will load the required components for the application. Once the installation is complete, the “Mi Roaming” application will be on the main screen of the smartphone desktop. At startup, you will need to first configure roaming, for example, if you plan to go to Asia, you must select one of the countries in the list of available ones. The program will automatically calculate the cost of the daily package. The price of the tariff is $ 1 and is called “1 Day data”.


Payment for the tariff plan is carried out through the connected Paypal account or credit card. Be sure to check the relevant notification after completing the transaction. The connected service should be displayed in the Mi Roaming program.


To uninstall Mi Roaming, you need to go to the smartphone settings and select the “Applications” item. In the list you need to find the Mi Roaming application and, having entered it, click on the “Delete” button. The system will automatically erase all program data, after which it disappears from the list. In some versions of MIUI firmware, the option to completely uninstall the Mi Roaming app is not available. In this case, it will be enough to disable the program by repeating the steps of the uninstallation procedure with one difference – instead of the “Delete” button, there will be “Disable”.

Regional programs for convenient roaming are a useful thing for travelers, which allows them to always stay in touch on favorable terms. Xiaomi has successfully tested its own Mi Roaming app in a number of Asian and European countries. The disadvantage of the program is its limitations – users from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus cannot officially use Xiaomi roaming services.