Top 5 Best Free Photo Editors Online

Top 5 Best Free Photo Editors Online

To make photos more original and attractive, today many people use the capabilities of various photo editors, which have built-in ready-made photo effects. Such photo editors are presented both as separate applications installed on a PC and as online services. Some popular online photo editors with effects reviews the AndroidBundle Tips Collection.

The ability to give even the most seemingly simple photograph a certain “zest” through the use of beautiful effects has long been actively used by owners of digital “soap boxes” and gadgets with built-in cameras. And if earlier photo effects had to be added to pictures through special programs, now there are a huge variety of online services for photo lovers to choose from, allowing just a couple of mouse clicks apply a variety of photo effects to your pictures and then save the result on your PC.

Similar online photo editors with effects are widely represented both internationally and domestically. Moreover, many of these editors are absolutely are free and do not even require registration: you can use them right away – you just need to download the processed photo from a local disk or from the Internet. It is noteworthy that then, as a rule, you can brag about the finished result to friends and acquaintances on social networks.

Here are some popular online photo editors with effects, which work according to the principle of “one click”: to apply the effect you like to a photo, you just need to click on it – and the beautiful photo is ready.


In online photo editor PIXLR ( there are 3 main areas of work: graphic editing (PIXLR EDITOR), express editing and collage (PIXLR EXPRESS), and fast photo effects creation (PIXLR O-MATIC). Each of these areas provides a huge number of photo editing opportunities, but of course, the PIXLR O-MATIC is of the greatest interest for fans of photo effects.

Get started with PIXLR O-MATIC simple: you need to take a picture on a webcam or download any desired photo from the local disk of your PC. Then you can start choosing the effects, which are presented here in 3 groups:

  • correction of color, tone, brightness and contrast;
  • adding decorative elements to the photo (vignetting, bokeh effect, etc.);
  • adding photo frames.

Any number of effects can be applied to the same photo. Once the desired result has been achieved, the edited photo can be saved online on or on your local PC.


Popular online photo editors with effects


Online photo editor Fotor ( provides the ability to make spectacular photos in a couple of mouse clicks, and also allows you to make collages and postcards. There are many different photo editing tools available in this online photo editor in photo effects mode.

For example, to immediately apply the finished effect to a photo, you can load it into the editor and select the button on the main toolbar. «Effects»… If you need to add a photo frame to the picture, you can use the “Frames” tool. Clipart elements and creating inscriptions are also available for creating photo effects in this editor.

A wide variety of choices are available in the collage mode of the Fotor online editor ready-made collage templates, control of the width and type of borders, the choice of backgrounds. For a more flexible creation of collages, there is the possibility of using manual settings: you can select the background separately, and separately – the frame for each photo, you can also select the desired location and angle of the photo.


Popular online photo editors with effects


Online photo editor with effects Rollip ( offers more than 80 different effects to choose from and a simple step-by-step wizard for processing images. First, you need to choose the filter you like among the proposed options, then you need to download the desired photo from the local disk and evaluate the result.

With further work with this service, you can impose a mask on the photo, add a frame or a text caption. The finished photo can be saved to a PC or share it on your Facebook page or Twitter account… If the result is not to your liking, you can try applying a different filter: in this case, all added masks, frames and inscriptions on the photo will be preserved.


Popular online photo editors with effects


Online photo effects editor called PiZap ( can work with photos uploaded from the local drive of the computer, from the user’s Facebook page, Flickr account, Instagram or Picasa. You can also work with a photo uploaded directly from a PC webcam.

You can edit photos from PiZap in several modes: Collages, Edit Photo, Facebook Timeline Covers, Twitter Header Cover, Backgrounds B Web Cam FX. For quick application of photo effects in PiZap, the Edit Photo: you need to load a photo into the editor using one of the proposed methods, and then you can start choosing the desired filters, clipart, backgrounds, frames, inscriptions, etc.

It is worth noting separately the possibility of creating so-called memes… You just need to enter the desired text in the appropriate fields, and the editor will arrange the labels and arrange them as needed. Another interesting feature of PiZap is the presence of a tool for cutting out certain areas from a photo for later use in collages, etc.


Popular online photo editors with effects


One of the relatively recent online effects photo editors is PhotoMania ( The service is still in beta testing, but has already managed to attract a wide audience thanks to its impressive functionality.

As is the case with the rest of the described online photo editors, it is extremely easy to start working with PhotoMania. From a local disk, Facebook account or webcam, you need to upload a photo to the editor, and then you can start an exciting and fun process of processing. There are 4 directions of photo editing in PhotoMania: Artistic, Fun, E-Cards and Christmas.

When working with the toolkit Artistic you can turn the processed photo into a pencil sketch, apply filters to it that simulate shooting with different types of cameras, create the effect of painting with paints, give a vintage touch, add textures, etc. Fun, in turn, allow you to insert a photo into a ready-made template, apply masks on it and add frames using the tools E-Cards you can make e-cards from a photo using ready-made templates, and a set Christmas specially designed to create beautiful photo collages on the theme of Christmas.


Popular online photo editors with effects