Top 3 Best Free Personal Finance Software

Those who are accustomed to running a family budget economically, as well as those who are simply trying to keep a careful record of all income and expenses, know how important it is to find a convenient toolkit for managing finances. Fortunately, today there are numerous free home accounting software, thanks to which you can easily manage your finances.

In the simplest case, for home bookkeeping, you only need notebook and pen: Record all your income and expenses regularly, and then manually calculate the financial results of each month. It’s completely free, but still not very convenient: the notebook is constantly disappearing somewhere, and the prospect of spending a few hours scribbling does not seem too pleasant.

Electronic Instruments for home accounting of finances – a much more interesting option. In this case, you no longer need to fiddle with a notebook and manually perform all the calculations: compact multifunctional programs for home bookkeeping will perfectly cope with everything themselves. You just have to regularly enter your data into specially prepared forms or tables, which will take a maximum of a couple of minutes a day.

Among the programs for home accounting, you can find both real “monsters” with functionality that is enough for financial accounting of a small enterprise, as well as very primitive options that have only minimum required set of options… Of course, powerful multifunctional “home accountants” are mostly paid, but if you look for programs without frills, then it is quite possible to find free ones. Let’s just take a quick look at some of these programs.

Alzex Personal Finance Free

The program is supplied by the developers along with the paid professional version of Alzex Personal Finance Pro. Compared to this paid version, the functionality Alzex Personal Finance Free, of course, limited, but it is still enough for novice home “financiers”. In both versions of Alzex Personal Finance, the main idea is to conveniently divide expenses and income into categories and subcategories, which allows you to evaluate both the overall picture of the family budget and the smallest details.

After installing Alzex Personal Finance Free on your PC, you can immediately create your own database or use the provided demo data… The developers of the program advise beginners to start with the demo database in order to understand the principles of Alzex Personal Finance Free and to visually assess how their own financial statements might look like.

Accounting in the program can be kept on several separate accounts, as well as for several family members, so that in the future you can easily analyze income from different sources (for example, salary, interest on the deposit) and expenses of each family member. Such an analysis will help to understand, in particular, how you can reduce some of the less significant expenses, while not giving up the really important expenses.


Alzex Personal Finance Free


Money Manager Ex

Free cross-platform open-source personal finance software called Money Manager Ex has flexible control and a wide range of available functions. The program has a Russian-language version of the interface and the purpose of each function or category is easy to understand from the name, but it is worth noting. that learning all the functionality of Money Manager Ex may take some time.

In the program you can maintain an unlimited number of accounts, add an unlimited number of recipients, reports are available for analysis in the form of tables and diagrams for various items of income and expenses. And the most interesting thing is that in Money Manager Ex you can plan expenses and incomes in advance and even draw up a budget for years to come.

A few more important features of Money Manager Ex include the ability to generate reports based on custom criteria, the ability to import data from CSV files, as well as the availability of a mobile version of the program and the ability to synchronize in both versions. As a result, personal finance management with Money Manager Ex can be carried out not only with high flexibility and accuracy, but also from any accessible place and at any time.


Money Manager Ex


Home Bookkeeping Lite

Free program “Home Bookkeeping Lite»Has a fairly simple interface and the ability to log in separately for multiple users. After installing the program, you need to register on the developers’ website, but you shouldn’t worry: the registration procedure is completely free.

The main working window of the program is divided into tabs “Accounts”, “Income” and “Expenses”where the relevant information is located. You can work with the program in several currencies (up to 5 inclusive), categories of income and expenses can be selected from the default ones or set manually.

In “Home Bookkeeping Lite” you can search the database, filter by different criteria, print data, database backup and compression… Additionally, the possibility of synchronization with the database of the mobile version of the program on Android is implemented, but it should be noted that the mobile version is available only for a fee.


Home Bookkeeping Lite


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