Top 10 Best Video Player Android Apps – 2021

Top 10 Best Video Player Android Apps – 2021

A smartphone is a device used not only for making calls, but also for other tasks, one of which is viewing content. To enjoy new TV shows, movies or just videos from the network, your phone must have a video player. Of course, its presence is already provided by the manufacturer of the gadget, but sometimes a standard player turns out to be inconvenient or incapable of “reading” a particular format, which upsets the owner.

Fortunately, users of devices based on Android OS have access to the Play Market application store, where new video players are added almost every day. In order not to “shovel” the Internet, a rating of the best video players for Android was compiled. The programs in question are functional, convenient and free.

Video Player for Android

A modern video player must be compatible with the file formats that are regularly used today.

Rating of video players for Android

On phones, whatever model it is, a standard video player is already installed out of the box. And he, quite possibly, “understands” different video formats without any problems and has an interface in Russian. Its main quality is that you do not need to search, download and install it anywhere. If his job suits him, then why look for other offers. If not, check out the rating of popular video players for Android.

MX Player

TOP 10 best video players for Android

The most famous and popular media player for Android smartphones. The program is omnivorous, easily reproduces most popular formats: mkv, avi, mpeg, mp4, mov, 3gp, webm and so on. There are no problems with audio tracks either: ac-3, mp3, aac and many others. True, it doesn’t work with dts audio.

Features MX Player – adaptation for Android TV, hardware acceleration, support for subtitles and multi-core decoding, due to which it works quickly even on outdated gadgets with “weak hardware”. This movie watching app also has support for multi-channel audio playback.

The interface of the media player is extremely simple, in addition, gesture control is provided. For example, the volume rises if you slide your finger vertically on the right side of the screen, the brightness is adjusted in the same way, only on the left side. You can shrink or enlarge the screen while the video is playing with a multi-touch gesture.


There is a “Lock” button – press it and watch a movie without worrying that you will cut it off by accidentally pressing it.


TOP 10 best video players for Android

The author of this player is Boris Voglar, after whom he was named – BoriS Player. True, now other persons are working on it, who, apparently, are doing something wrong, as indicated by reviews in the Play Market. Nevertheless, the program remains powerful: it supports popular video formats, codecs, ARMv7, 2- and 4-core decoding, external and embedded subtitles, video streams (RTMP, RTSP, MMS, HTTP), can play video in the background, from zip and rar archives (you don’t need to unpack anything). The application itself notifies about new plugins and updates.

The advantage of the BS player is that the user can independently add a text accompaniment to any video. The program will automatically find the subtitles for the movie, but this requires an internet connection. The functionality is similar to other players: adjusting video size, playback speed, setting gestures, etc.

There are 2 versions, and the one without ads is paid.


TOP 10 best video players for Android

The top media player with support for all formats, which was originally developed for computers, but is now available for mobile gadgets: smartphones and tablets. The program is “omnivorous”, plays any video and audio formats (you do not need to download any codecs, they are already built-in), it is also used to play network streams, for example, Twitch.

As for the functionality, the user can sort the music: by album, genre, artist. Likewise with the video: by title, size, etc. There is support for subtitles, which are configured in a couple of taps so that they do not get in the way, there is gesture control.

VLC can play DVD and ISO files, just like the desktop version. The interface is nice, minimalistic – there is nothing superfluous. Many people use this program as a music player, as there is a built-in equalizer.


The advantage of the VLC player is that it is fast and free, as it was created by a team of volunteers. And there is no advertising in it, which is already pleasing.

Video Player

TOP 10 best video players for Android

Yes, the name is nowhere simpler, but this does not mean that the product is of poor quality. The developer himself calls the application “XPlayer”, and it has been downloaded over 50 million times in the Play Market, which is impressive.

Video Player supports all formats and plays Ultra HD video files with ease.


  • supported video formats: mkv, avi, mp4, mov, 3gp, flv, wmv, ts and others;
  • there is support for 4K;
  • hardware acceleration, that is, it works smartly even on old devices;
  • you can create a “personal folder” – a safe storage for videos;
  • playback modes: auto-rotate, aspect ratio, screen lock;
  • support for subtitles, synchronization of sub and audio tracks;
  • free.


TOP 10 best video players for Android

This program is already interesting because it was one of the first to start playing unconverted files. It has a simple and intuitive interface with various sections: Media Library (all videos are stored here), TV, File Manager (file manager with folders), Network, Playlist.

The player is simple to control: to start playback or pause the video, just tap the screen twice, gestures adjust the volume, picture brightness, rewind, and so on.

Like other media players, RockPlayer2 “eats” the main formats, automatically recognizes subtitles (srt).


An interesting feature of the player is that you can hide videos in it: select a file, highlight it and shake your smartphone. To view the hidden video, just open the “Media Library” section and enter the “Konami” code.

The program interface is not the most modern, and it is known to few.

FX Player

TOP 10 best video players for Android

Nicely designed and easy to use media player. There is a built-in library, and it is well-implemented, navigation is simple, settings are minimum.

FX Player can work with Full HD video files, while reading almost all audio and video formats. You can’t watch 4K videos through it, but the player is pretty nimble.


  • interface in Russian;
  • optimized work – suitable for old gadgets;
  • recognizes most audio and video formats;
  • free.

There are ads in the app, but they are not annoying.

Wondershare Player

TOP 10 best video players for Android

A multimedia harvester through which you can watch videos offline and online. Many people, having heard the name “Wondershare”, believe that this is some kind of software. The company, in addition to software, decided to release a media player and it has a bright design, good functionality and convenient settings.


  • the application itself selects and recommends videos from entertainment sites: YouTube, Vevo, Hulu;
  • there is a “Watch Later” function;
  • can download streaming video;
  • support for popular video and audio formats;
  • support for subtitles embedded in the video;
  • plays DVD folders from SD card;
  • remembers the time at which the viewing stopped.

At the same time, the player is compact and practically does not take up free space. There are no unnecessary buttons that interfere with work in the interface.

My Video

TOP 10 best video players for Android

This is a player embedded in the firmware of Xiaomi MIUI phones from version 9. It can be used by owners of smartphones and other manufacturers: in the Play Market, the application is searched for as “com miui videoplayer”.

On the main screen there is a list of videos, a search bar, sections “Videos” and “Explorer”. The latter contains all the videos downloaded to the phone, divided into folders.

The powerful player has a rich library in which you can find anything, be it news or computer games. As a player for online video it offers: trending videos, live broadcast channels.

Features as a video player:

  • picture-in-picture function;
  • support for multi-core decoding;
  • adding videos to your “personal folder”.


Additional functions: dark mode, blogger subscriptions, gesture control, “lock”, “Wi-Fi display” (for displaying images on other screens), “scissors” (cuts out the frame).

Which application to choose

The rating is compiled for those who lack the functionality of their “native” applications. Someone needs adaptation for Android TV, someone needs support for 4K streams or videos. All video players are free (some of them with ads that are disabled for a symbolic amount), and they can be downloaded from the Play Market or as an apk-file from a well-known resource

If you need an “omnivorous” player, and without ads, easy to operate and free, choose VLC – there are many positive reviews about it. Users note that the player sees all formats, both video and audio, including DVD folders; it adjusts the sound using an equalizer, it is easy to take freeze frames (without black bars, as in a standard screenshot). The closest competitor is MX Player, with similar functionality, but it contains ads. For 4K video playback, the Video Player (XPlayer) is most suitable.