World Of Warships: First Impression – New Submarine Test

World Of Warships: First Impression – New Submarine Test

The long-awaited MMO action World of Warships from the Wargaming company since July 2, 2015 launched in the open beta test mode. Everyone who will not regret about 20 GB of disk space can download the game from the official website right now and feel themselves in the very epicenter of exciting naval battles of the mid-20th century.

Fans of games have been waiting for the release of World of Warships since 2011. And finally, in 2015, the game was launched in March in the mode closed beta test, and in July – open. Now players can fully appreciate the spectacle and scale of naval battles, show their tactical and strategic abilities.

Available for beta testing 10 different locations and over 80 ship models… The ships are presented in the classes “Destroyer”, “Cruiser”, “Battleship” and “Aircraft Carrier”. You start the game with only 2 ships modeled on the basis of real ships of the American and Japanese navies. As you gain experience, you will be able to improve these ships “by default”, as well as acquire new ones.

World of Warships impresses with its graphics, well-thought-out damage system, and a rich selection of weapons. Have each class of ships has its own “chips”, so you will have to thoroughly study the features of each ship entrusted to you in order to learn how to use all its strengths and weaknesses.

For example, playing with aircraft carriers, you will be able to control three types of carrier-based aircraft (fighters, torpedo bombers and bombers) in real time. On cruisersin turn, you will be able to effectively defend against air attacks using powerful anti-aircraft guns. But with destroyers you will become faster and more dangerous: your torpedoes will inflict huge damage on the enemy.


Your Port in World of Warships: here you can develop your ships

Each battle in the game lasts a maximum of 20 minutes. In the standard mode, battles are in the n by n format (where n is the number of players; no more than 7) and last either until the enemy ships are completely destroyed or until the base is captured. note that standard battle mode is available only from the second level account, and at the first level you can play in cooperative mode – against the computer.

As your account develops, you will receive more and more opportunities for battles… For example, from the third level you will be able to complete daily combat missions, from the fourth – to earn free experience, from the fifth – to pump ship commanders, etc. ship and increase its combat characteristics.

In the random battle mode, you will meet players from a wide variety of cities and countries. But if you want, you can play with your friends, uniting in teams of up to 3 people… To do this, send invitations to users that are valid for 5 minutes. Please note that players at the time of the invitation must already be in the Port to be able to accept the invitation.


Setting up controls in World of Warships

Speaking directly about control in the game in general and in battle in particular, it can be noted that it does not cause any particular difficulties, even for beginners. The game is completely Russified, individual control settings can be set in the menu. In case of difficulties in the conduct of battles, you can always refer to the official website of the game for detailed guides on the optimal use of the capabilities of certain ships and naval tactics and strategy in general.

World of Warships game, albeit in beta test mode, is definitely Deserves attention everyone who is partial to MMO-action games. So now you can download and install the game on your PC and start a fun exploration.


Spectacular damage animation in World of Warships

It will take a lot of effort to defeat the enemy.