Best Tips For Online Shopping. (must Check Before Buy Anything)

Best Tips For Online Shopping. (must Check Before Buy Anything)
Some 10 years ago online shopping seemed like something unimaginable. Today, many have appreciated the reasonable price and high quality of goods ordered via the Internet, when you can comfortably sit at home in front of a computer monitor with a cup of coffee and calmly choose the right thing. On the other hand, a virtual purchase can remain virtual if you are not serious about choosing an online store.

Pros and cons of online shopping

The most important benefits of virtual shopping are saving time and money… Products in online stores tend to be orders of magnitude cheaper than products in traditional stores. This is due to the fact that the seller does not spend money on the maintenance of the retail space, remuneration of employees and other costs. In addition, in online stores you can find not only an exclusive but also scarce product… Online stores often have seasonal sales and various promotions. The main disadvantage of online shopping is risk… There is always a risk of being caught by scammers, the risk of receiving the wrong product, the risk of damage to the goods during shipment, etc.

How to choose an online store

When choosing an online store, pay attention to how long this store has been operating and how many products are in stock. A solid online store should have been operating for more than a year and have a very wide range of goods… Check to see if legal address of this store, bank details and landline phone number. A reliable online store will offer several payment methods, and the store’s website will not only be professionally executed, but also located on paid hosting and have a second level domain.

Read reviews about the store, contact the manager online, call the landline phone of the online store, ask about warranty obligations (replacement of goods, return). All this will not be superfluous at all, since one-day shops appear on the Internet more and more often.

The pitfalls of online shopping

  1. At the time of buying of things the main thing is to choose your size exactly. Study the size chart and contact the store manager to find out if you have chosen the right size. It is especially important to avoid inconsistencies when choosing shoes.
  2. When ordering new perfume or cosmetic it is better to order or buy a sample from a regular store first. You may not like the smell of perfume at all, and you may develop an allergy to the cosmetic product.
  3. At the time of buying household appliances in the online store, familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics, check the complete set of the goods, find out about the store’s warranty obligations and check the address of the nearest service center.
  4. At the time of buying mobile phone be sure to check the IMEI code in the presence of the courier and check it against the database on the network. If you purchased the phone in an overseas online store, then this code will need to be registered, and for this you will need the original customs declaration.
  5. Upon receipt of the goods be sure to check the correctness of filling out the warranty card, whether all seals are supplied, whether the series and product number match. Make sure that the packaging is not damaged, otherwise you risk being left without warranty.

What kind of payment to choose

  1. Payment for goods after delivery Is the most reliable way to pay for purchases in an online store. You pay money only after you are convinced of the integrity and good quality of the goods.
  2. Money transfer through a bank Is a relatively safe option. The online store will send you an invoice by e-mail, which you pay at any branch of the bank, while the bank will take 1-3% of the cost of the goods for its services. But in case of problems, you will have a payment document on hand.
  3. When registering cash on delivery the goods you ordered will be sent by mail. Payment is due upon receipt. This type of payment has its drawbacks: the package may be lost or damaged, and if the product does not suit you, there may be problems with the return.
  4. The most dangerous methods of payment for goods ordered through the online store are payment with credit cards and virtual money… Hackers often break into online stores and read any information about customers, including credit card information.

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