How To Use Itunes. (complete Guide)

How To Use Itunes.  (complete Guide)

IPhone and iPod owners cannot do without such a program as iTunes. It will allow you to download music and movies to your gadget from your computer or search for them on the Internet. Let’s find out how to use iTunes on the computer.

Previously iTunes was a simple playerwhich Apple created for users of its products. But over time, iTunes has acquired more functionality, and now it is not just a player, but a way to synchronize your iPhone or iPod with a computer to download music, video, audiobooks. Also, using iTunes, you can burn music from discs, edit song metadata, and make purchases at the company’s online store.

Why else do you need iTunes? The fact is that you just can’t transfer a music or video file from your computer to your iPhone or iPod. To do this, you need to use iTunes. Of course, many users do not like such a “middleman”, but there is nothing to be done, since Apple could not come up with another way fight against piracy.

iTunes has wide functionality, with which you will not be able to figure it out right away, so we will describe in more detail what can be done using this program. At the top you will see a control panel with the ability to play files. But how do you add music to iTunes that you have on your computer?

Any songs you want to add to iTunes go to general media library… To add a particular composition, go to the “File” menu, select “Add file to the library”. Then, in the browser window, you can specify the folders and files to add music to iTunes. Please note that the program will automatically convert audio files to AAC format.

Now let’s deal with the question, how to download music via iTunes… On the left, under the control panel, there is the iTunes Store button, by clicking on which you will immediately go to the store contents. It offers not only paid but also free content. Everything that is offered in the store is broken down by genre and category, which makes it much easier to find the content you need.

The selected album, song or single can be buy, donate or add to the wishlist… Let’s talk a little about the latter. You can add an unlimited number of items to your wishlist (excluding purchased items). When you pay for an item from your wishlist, it will automatically appear in your media library.

While in the iTunes store, take a look at the section iTunes U… This section is used as a platform for educational events, on which educational institutions post interesting and educational information free of charge, which you can watch or listen to at any time. You can subscribe to the information of any educational institution. But Russian educational institutions are in no hurry to share their knowledge with us, so in iTunes U you can find recordings only in English. Let’s hope that this situation will be corrected soon.

It only remains to find out how to upload music via iTunes to your iPod or iPhone. To do this, first connect your device to your computer. Now, to transfer files, you need to sync your computer and iPod or iPhone (File → Devices → Sync). After selecting a device, you will see a list of tabs with different types of data located in iTunes. Open the tab you need and click “Sync”. If you only need to sync some files, then select them first. All the files that iTunes syncs go to your device. Keep an eye on the free space on your device while syncing.

Synchronizing devices makes it quick and easy to both add and remove data… For example, when adding new data to the synced library, the same files will appear on it the next time the device is connected to the computer. And if you delete some files from the synced library, they will also be deleted from the device.

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