How Do I Unblock A Restricted Page?

How Do I Unblock A Restricted Page?

For various reasons, the user’s page on the VKontakte social network may be blocked. The fastest, of course, will be to create a new VKontakte page, but restoring all previously added contacts will be very tedious. What to do? How to unblock a page on VKontakte?

The social network VKontakte takes the leading position in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet in terms of the number of active users. Thanks to this network, Internet users have the opportunity to find their former classmates, classmates, colleagues, neighbors and other acquaintances. Many domestic citizens today have already opened their own pages on VKontakte and visit them at least once a day.

A real problem for almost every VKontakte participant is the situation when his personal page on this social network is suddenly blocked. This can happen primarily due to virusesthat got to the user’s computer. In such a case, usually when trying to enter his page on VKontakte, the user sees a message that he needs SMS activation (then the number to which you need to send a message with a specific code is indicated).

Inexperienced PC users can believe such a message and actually send SMS to the specified number. However, no promised activation code will come, and it cannot come: all this is deception and tricks of scammers. Therefore, fulfill the requirements Ransomware, as such viruses are often called, in no case should be.

How then to be? It turns out that with the help of a rather simple scheme of actions, the problem can be successfully solved. This requires only a few steps:

  1. Find a file on your computer hosts (C:/Windows/system32/drivers/etc).
  2. Open this file in a text editor “Notebook”.
  3. If, in addition to the lines marked with “#” and the local IP address of the computer ( localhost), there are more lines in the file, delete them.
  4. Save changes to the hosts file and close it.
  5. Using the search function, determine if there are files of the type “vkontakte.exe” or “vk.exe” on the computer. Delete detected files permanently.
  6. Restart your computer. Access to the page on VKontakte must be restored.

In some cases, it is possible to cope with viruses blocking access to the VKontakte page without the above scheme. For example, you can download a special antivirus scanner, which will determine if viruses are present. It is noteworthy that it is better to choose such a scanner from a manufacturer that is different from the manufacturer of the main computer antivirus – in this case, the scan will be more effective.

Could it be that a page on the VKontakte social network became inaccessible not because of viruses? Yes, this is possible. In this case, it will be most convenient to restore access to the page using the VKontakte network itself. To do this, just go to the page and follow the instructions. You can also write a letter to technical support for the network to find out how to solve the problem.

By the way, it is quite simple to check whether viruses are the reason for blocking the VKontakte page. You just have to try go to your page from any other devicenot known to be infected with viruses. Happened? Then it’s definitely a matter of viruses. If it was not possible to enter the VKontakte page from another device, then the problem still lies in something else. In this case, it is better to help get rid of the problem with the help of the VKontakte support service.


How to unblock a page on VKontakte?