Why Is Not Site Odnoklassniki Available? How To Unblock Odnoklassniki?

Why Is Not Site Odnoklassniki Available? How To Unblock Odnoklassniki?

Users of the social network Odnoklassniki may one day see a blocking message instead of their usual page. This can be either a problem with the network itself or extortion of money by scammers. How to unblock a page on Odnoklassniki?

The social network Odnoklassniki is very popular, so its users are becoming more and more. Along with them, the number of fraudsters who want to use the interests of people against themselves is also increasing. Usually the purpose of such actions is one – to make money quickly and easily. But do not follow the lead of the profit seekers. Can unblock your page yourself and return communication with like-minded people.

Usually, users, trying to access a social network, see a message that their page has been blocked due to spamming or for other reasons. To solve the problem it is proposed to send SMS to the specified number and get the codeto be entered into the string. Some people believe this and follow the instructions. As a result, a fairly large amount of money is withdrawn from their account on the phone. In addition, they may not receive the code or face new ransomware.

This case should not be confused with blocking the page on Odnoklassniki by the administration… Sometimes some users cannot access the social network due to the fact that they sent spam or someone did it from their account. However, then the administration does not ask to send any messages. To solve the problem, you need to contact her and explain the situation. After that, you can return your page, making sure to change the password to a more secure one.

You can check what the reason for the blocking is in a simple way. You just need go to your page from another computer… If there are no problems, then we are talking about ransomware. And the source of the trouble must be looked for on the PC itself.

In order to fix the problem, you need to go to My computer on your desktop. If the hard drive is divided into several disks, you should find the one where the system folders… Usually this is drive C. It should contain a folder WINDOWS, where you can find all the files necessary for the operating system to work.

In turn, in it you need to find a folder called Windows 32, and then go to the folder System32, and in it – in the folder drivers… Here you should open the folder etc… It will contain only a few files, among which you need to find a file with the name hosts… It is necessary open with notepad… To do this, right-click on it and find the menu item To open withNotebook.

After that, the entire contents of the file will appear in notepad. The name of the corporation that developed the operating system will be placed at the top, after it there will be a message about the purpose of the data, the IP addresses themselves and the names of the nodes. If among them there is data on the social network Odnoklassniki, these lines must be removed… Then you need to save the changes and close the file hosts… Usually, a restart of the computer is not required, all changes take effect immediately.

There are times when the file hosts does not change, indicating that the user does not have permission to perform these actions. In this case, you need to check your computer for viruses. You need to delete them and then try again. You can also try open file as administrator.

Less common is the situation when the file hosts turns out to be empty and there is simply nothing to change in it. Also, sometimes the PC user may not detect it at all. Then you need to create in the folder etc a new file with that name, and the old one will have to be removed… After that, you should restart your computer and try to go to the Odnoklassniki page.

The social network must be available again. To prevent recurrence of the problem, you must come up with a complex password and replace the old one with it.

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