How To Remove Ads From µtorrent

How To Remove Ads From µtorrent

The free torrent client uTorrent takes up very little space on your PC, but at the same time it is powerful and fast, so it is not surprising that it is so popular today. Unfortunately, this client has a significant drawback – it is full of ads, which can annoy the user. How remove ads in uTorrent?

If the application is distributed free of charge, then for the opportunity to use it have to view ads… And although this is considered the norm for any freeware software, now that advertising has penetrated literally everywhere, it can be seriously annoying and interfering. In this case, you have to think about the possibilities of disabling advertising.

In uTorrent, ad units are located at the bottom of the program window on the left and at the top of the window. The presence of such blocks is completely does not affect functionality the torrent client itself, however, like any other ad, such blocks can be very annoying. Fortunately, there is a very simple and affordable way to remove such ads.


This is what uTorrent looks like with ads enabled

Start uTorrent. Press Ctrl + P or find the “Settings” item in the menu bar and go to it and select the “Program settings” item in the menu that opens. In the settings window, find the item “Additionally”.

You see a window in front of you with a set of certain parameters and their values. This is where you need to make some minor changes to use uTorrent without ads. So, to begin with, enter in the line “Filter” the word «offer» (without quotes, of course), by which all parameters that have such a word in the name will be found for you. Now, among the results found, select the parameter called “offers.left_rail_offer_enabled”.

The parameter you found is responsible for displaying ads in the lower left block. By default, its value is «true» – this means that this parameter is active. To disable advertising in the lower block, it is enough to change this value to “false”, for which you need to select the parameter with the left mouse button and set the switch in the lower part of the dialog box to the “NO” position. To apply the changes, you need to click the “OK” button.

To disable ads at the top of uTorrent, you need to do the same, only now you need to find the parameter «offers.sponsoreed_torrent_offer_enabled»… As with the previous parameter, “offers.sponsoreed_torrent_offer_enabled” is set to “true” by default. To change the value to “false”, left-click on the parameter name and set the switch to the “NO” position at the bottom of the dialog box. Then you just have to click the “OK” button.

Ads will disappear as soon as you apply your changes, and you can already use uTorrent without annoying ad units. However, you may notice that after that, at the bottom of the client window, in place of the ad unit, is now displayed offer to upgrade the client to the paid Pro version… If you do not want to see this offer, then using the same uTorrent advanced settings menu, you can easily remove it.

Press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P and enter the settings menu. Go to “Advanced”. Now, in the filter line, enter the word “plus” (without quotes). As a result of filtering, you will see the parameter «gui.show_plus_upsell», which is responsible for displaying the update proposal. According to the scheme you already know, deactivate this parameter by assigning the value “false” to it. Ready! Now you can only see what you want in your torrent client.