How To Recover Files Deleted From The Recycle Bin?

How To Recover Files Deleted From The Recycle Bin?

In the Microsoft Windows operating system, files with the standard deletion method (pressing the Del key on the keyboard or selecting the “Delete” item in the context menu) are placed in a special storage – the Recycle Bin: while the deleted files are in it, they can still be restored without problems. But what if you need to recover files already deleted from the Recycle Bin? This will be discussed further.

The Windows Recycle Bin is a kind of “trash bin” for information waste. Files get into it during standard deletion. Basket needed for temporary storage of files to be deleted: what if some of the deleted files are still needed after some time? When the recycle bin is “full”, the oldest files are automatically deleted from it. If necessary, the Recycle Bin can be manually emptied at any time – for this there is a “Empty” item in it.

Usually, all files in the Trash are really no longer needed, so it is not a pity to delete them from the Trash. But sometimes files can also get to the Trash by accident, and then during the emptying of the Recycle Bin, along with the files to be deleted, the necessary ones will also be deleted. What to do? Is it possible to “save” such files? Yes, because, fortunately, there are special utilities for recovering deleted files.

There are free and paid utilities for recovering deleted files, they allow you to recover accidentally deleted files, files deleted by viruses, files lost after formatting disks, etc. As a rule, such utilities support different file systems, their interface is simple and intuitive for the user … From free utilities to recover files deleted from the Recycle Bin can be called such as:

  • Recuva;
  • SoftPerfect File Recovery;
  • FreeUndelete;
  • Puran File Recovery;
  • Power Data Recovery;
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free;
  • Pandora Recovery;
  • R.saver etc.

The principle of using all these utilities is approximately the same.: after starting the utility, you need to select the drive for scanning (the one where the deleted files were previously located), specify the name or type of the file to be searched, if necessary, and start the scan; the files found as a result can be restored using the corresponding button or menu item. It is worth noting, however, that recovery is not always really possible.

The fact is that even when emptying the Recycle Bin, files from the disk do not physically disappear: the service information about these files is simply removed from the system, and those disk clusters that were previously occupied by the deleted files are marked as free for writing. As a result, until the system overwrites new ones in place of the deleted files, there is still a chance to restore these files, but if too much time has passed between the deletion of files and the attempt to restore them, then even the best utility for recovering files deleted from the Recycle Bin may not cope with the set task, because over a long period of time the system could “over” the deleted files already have time to write new ones. In such a case, the help of data recovery specialists may be required.

In general, the task of recovering files deleted from the Recycle Bin is quite solvable, and if you try to recover files deleted from the Recycle Bin almost immediately after the deletion procedure, then the forecast for a successful result is very encouraging. True, it is better, of course, to initially prevent the necessary files from ending up in the Recycle Bin so that you do not have to worry about restoring them later. It is also helpful to remember several important aspects of using the Recycle Bin:

  • so that files always end up in the Recycle Bin when deleted first, in the Recycle Bin Properties (invoked from the context menu by right-clicking on the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop), the switch should not be set to the item “Destroy files immediately after deletion without placing them in the Recycle Bin”;
  • so that the system always first requests confirmation of the action from the user when deleting files, in the “Properties” of the Recycle Bin, a checkmark must be set on the item “Request confirmation for deletion”;
  • To adjust the size of the Recycle Bin, in the “Properties” you need to manually set the desired size of the Recycle Bin in megabytes (MB).