How To Recover Data From A Formatted Hard Drive

How To Recover Data From A Formatted Hard Drive

How many stories exist when the disk formatting process was started by mistake! It would seem that all family photos and very important documents are forever lost. But this is not the case. Recovering data after formatting any disk is a reality, but many users simply do not know this.

First, let’s figure out what exactly is disk formatting, and why after it there is a real opportunity to recover, if not all, then most of the data. During primary (or low-level) formatting, a file table is created, in which the system writes all the data necessary for work. When the process of formatting the disk is started, the table does not disappear anywhere, but is only reset to zero. The old information that was in it cannot correspond to the size of the table, therefore it becomes simply invisible to the system. And if no new data has been written to the disk, then you can recover files after formatting the disk.

You should also consider the type of formatting you used. If it was chosen quick format, then only the headers of the file system are cleared, but the information from the hard disk is not deleted anywhere. Fortunately, fast formatting is used in most cases.

At full formatting all information is deleted in each sector of the hard disk, so data recovery in this case is an almost impossible task.

Despite all the problems, after formatting the disk, data can be recovered. The fact is that searching for data after formatting in its process is no different from recovering data after deleting it from a computer. However, due to the fact that it is required to restore a whole disk, then this operation takes a lot of time.

It is very important to recover data after formatting do not write any information on top… Creating new folders and installing the system minimizes your chances of recovering lost information. Note that after formatting, XP and Vista will create some folders by themselves. Also, after formatting the disk, if possible, do not restart the computer, but simply turn it off.

To recover data from a disk, you will need another computer on which a special program is preinstalled… Then the disk that needs to be restored is connected to the computer and the scanner is launched. After the scan of the disk is finished, you will understand what exactly will be able to be restored and what will not.

Please note that in order to recover data, you will need a computer that has a larger disk capacity than yours.

We figured out how to recover files after formatting, now let’s talk about what programs can be used for this… There are tons of free and licensed utilities that will help you cope with this task.

Unfortunately, free utilities will certainly fail in this difficult data recovery business, but you can still try them. Among all free utilities that currently exist, the most popular is R.saver, since this program in most cases copes with those tasks that others cannot solve.

Nothing beats paid data recovery software, but not all are effective here either. Very popular R-Studioalthough other programs like Unformat, GetDataBack, also do an excellent job with the task.

How to recover data after formatting