How To Post Photos To Instagram From Your Computer

How To Post Photos To Instagram From Your Computer

The very idea of ​​Instagram (“Instagram”) was originally to be able to very quickly share with friends and acquaintances their photos taken with the camera of a mobile device. However, today many Instagram users would also like to be able to post photos from a computer. How can this be done? How to upload a photo to Instagram from a computer? Let’s find out now.

The Instagram format, in principle, does not imply the use of a stationary PC, and therefore the web version of the service has limitations and built-in capabilities you will not find it by uploading a photo from a computer to Instagram. However, if you want to post photos to Instagram from your computer, you can still do it. You just have to put in a little effort.

There are several available ways to organize uploading photos to Instagram from a PC. For example, the simplest and most obvious is connect a mobile device to a computer using a USB cable and copy the necessary files from the local disk to the storage of the mobile device. The resulting files will only have to be published in the standard way through the official Instagram application installed on the device.

Fiddling with a cable for uploading several photos to your Instagram profile is not very convenient, but this method does not require you to install additional software. If you still would like to do without directly connecting a mobile device to a computer, then in this case, a good alternative is possible – use of cloud storage.

Upload a photo from your PC to your account in any cloud storage you use, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or something else, and then log into this account from a mobile device and copy the necessary files to the built-in memory or to an external card of this device. Next, you can add a photo to your Instagram in the usual way.

Both of the above methods of adding photos to Instagram from PC are good in their own way. However, to use them, you need a smartphone or tablet with the Instagram app installed. A Is it possible to do without a mobile device at all and upload photos directly from a computer? It turns out, yes.

To upload a photo to Instagram from a computer without a smartphone or tablet at hand, you can use a special program called Gramblr… This free program (there are distributions for Windows and Mac OS X) allows you to publish photos to Instagram from a PC in just a few seconds, thanks to which it has earned a very wide popularity.

Gramblr can be downloaded from the official website of the developers, after which you need the program in the standard way install on computer… Now, at any time you want, you can use Gramblr to post a photo to Instagram, however, keep in mind that you must already have an account on this social network.

Open Gramblr, log in to Instagram… After successfully logging into your account, click on the Choose File button and select the photo you want to upload on the local disk of your computer. Please note that the photo must meet certain requirements: it must have a .jpg or .jpeg extension and a size of no more than 500 kB, and also be square with a side of no more than 650 pixels. If necessary, use a graphics editor to modify the photo in accordance with these requirements.

When the photo you want is selected, you just have to click the Upload button, and then enter the name or a short description of your photo in the Caption field that appears. Click Save Caption to save the text. If you wish, you can further share the published photo on social networks (Facebook, Twitter) or get a web link for publication on a website or blog.

It is convenient and easy to use Gramblr to upload photos to Instagram from a computer, but, of course, it is not the only existing software with such capabilities. For example, the program has similar functionality BlueStacks Is a popular Android OS emulator for PC. To upload photos to Instagram through BlueStacks, you first need to download and install this free program, find the APK file for Google Play, and then download and install the Instagram and ES File Manager applications (any other file manager for Android can work as well)

When all the preparatory steps are completed, you need put photos on your computer in a special folder, usually located at C: ProgramData – Bluestacks – UserData – SharedFolder (showing hidden files and folders must be enabled). After that, in BlueStacks, launch the previously installed ES File Manager, find the bstfolder folder in the list of available folders, and the BstShareFolder folder in it. This folder corresponds to the SharedFolder folder on your PC where you just placed all the photos you need.

You then need to execute a couple more easy steps… Copy the photo files that you want to upload to Instagram to the DCIM folder, which you will find in the SDcard folder of the emulator. Launch Instagram, click on the add photo button (in the center) and choose how to upload a photo from the gallery. Select ES File Manager as the source, open the DCIM folder and select one of the files you copied earlier. Now it remains the standard way to post a photo to Instagram – just like from a real mobile device.