How To Fix Green Screen Problem While Viewing Videos

How To Fix Green Screen Problem While Viewing Videos

Whether you have an old or new computer, a green screen may appear at any time while watching a video online on any resource. Do not rush to panic, because the problem can be solved very easily. A collection of tips will tell you what to do if green screen when watching video.

When a green screen appears, the first thing that comes to mind is that the video card drivers are not working correctly. Indeed, there are not so few cases when drivers crash. Moreover, the updated version of Adobe Flash Player may not support work with old drivers of some video cards. That is why it is necessary update driverby downloading them from the developer’s site of your video card. Reboot your computer. If reinstallation did not help, we will look for the problem further.

And the problem may be in the codecs, or rather, in their absence. This is typical for new computers. Recommend you install K-Lite Codec Packsince this set of codecs is universal. After rebooting, try watching the video online again.

Necessarily update Adobe Flash Player, because it may not work correctly. By the way, we advise you not only to update the player, but to completely remove it, restart your computer and reinstall it from the Adobe website.

The most extreme measure of getting rid of the green screen is considered disable hardware acceleration… This is what helps in most cases. To disable hardware acceleration, while viewing a green screen, hover over the video area and right-click. In the menu that opens, select “Options”. You will see a window in which you need to uncheck the box “Enable hardware acceleration”. Close the window and restart the browser again. Most likely, the video will be displayed again.

Please be aware that disabling hardware acceleration will significantly reduce the quality of online video playback. This is especially noticeable in full-screen mode, when there is no anti-aliasing. The fact is that the problem that led to the green screen is not resolved, and the video playback functions are assigned not to the video card, but to the central processor.

Microsoft offers its solution to the problem of green screen, which can appear as a result of data corruption and network error when launching a WFP-based application. The work of an antivirus can lead to such consequences. To fix this problem, you need to remove two Windows updates: KB2735855 and KB2750841, then download and install HotFix KB2789397 from Microsoft. Restart your computer, the problem should be resolved.

Very rarely, even installing the HotFix KB2789397 update does not save, and this can only happen after installing a new program, which caused problems with watching videos online. There is only one way out – uninstall the program and restart the computer… System rollback is a last resort, but sometimes you have to use it.

The last option that might help you fix the green screen problem is remove your antivirus… In some cases, antivirus programs block image transmission, so no matter what you do, nothing helps. If so, then it’s time to say goodbye to the old antivirus and install a new one. Whether to choose a paid or free antivirus is up to you. There are many free antiviruses that are no worse than paid ones, while being easy to use and not overloading the system.

Use these tips to ensure that you never get a green screen when you watch videos online.

Green screen when watching a video: what to do