How To Create An Invisible Folder On Your Windows 10 Desktop

How To Create An Invisible Folder On Your Windows 10 Desktop

When you have to share a computer with other family members, personal information immediately becomes public information. At any moment, your relatives can find the folder that you seemingly hidden so well and see what you keep in it. Let’s try to protect your information from prying people and find out how to create an invisible folder.

You don’t need to install any software to create an invisible folder on your desktop. The necessary functions are already built into Windows, but only they are not told about in computer science lessons. It’s a pity, because it will take only a couple of minutes to create an invisible folderand only you can find it.

The very first and easiest way to create an invisible folder is hide her… Select the folder you want to hide, right-click to open the context menu and in the “Properties” move the checkbox to “Hidden”. After clicking OK, the folder will become hidden. It cannot be found by selecting all the icons on the desktop (Ctrl + A), since it literally should not exist for the user.

To again find hidden folder, you need to go to any other folder and find the “Service” tab in it. Click on “Folder Options”, go to the “View” tab and already in it, check the box next to “Show hidden files and folders”. After saving, the folder will be visible to you. To hide it again, you will have to follow the same procedure and check the box next to “Do not show hidden files and folders.”

As you might have already figured out, the hidden folder is easy to find. Therefore, you can use another method. This time we we will make the file name and icon invisible.

First you need rename the folder to make the name invisible… To do this, double-click on the folder name, then press the Alt key and enter 255 on the additional numeric keypad. You need to enter numbers without releasing Alt. By the way, the trick will not work if you use the numbers on the main keyboard, which are above the letters. Press Enter to save the folder name. As a result, you will have a folder that has no name.

Unfortunately, only one folder in a directory can be named this way. And if you need to make several of them? Then you can use another method. In this case, you can create several folders at once without names, and it will help us table of symbols.

You can open it from the Start menu. In Windows 7, in the search bar, just enter “Character table” and press Enter. In Windows XP, in the Run box, enter the command charmap… Find empty cells in the table that opens. There should be several of them. Select an empty cell, press “Select” and “Copy”. Paste the copied symbol into the folder name and save. As a result, in this way, you can make quite a lot of folders with an invisible name.

So, the last step remains – make icon image invisible… To do this, in the properties of the folder, go to the “Settings” tab and find the “Change icon” button in it. A window will open in front of you to change the folder icon. You need to select an empty icon and save the changes. As a result, after these simple manipulations, you will have an invisible folder on your desktop.

To find your invisible folder select all icons on the desktop… There will be a small square in place of this folder.

Of course, you can find the invisible folder anyway. If you want to reliably protect it from other people, then you will need to use various programs: Wise Folder Hider, WinMend Folder Hidden, Hide Folders, etc. Using these programs allows you not only to make folders invisible, but also set a password on them… Thus, no one will have access to your personal folder.

How to create an invisible folder