How To Create A Webmoney Wallet ?

How To Create A Webmoney Wallet ?

Today, it is very convenient to make various payments on the Internet using WebMoney, a special electronic payment system. To use WebMoney, you need to have a special electronic wallet – a virtual storage of WebMoney title units. About, how to create a WebMoney wallet, will be discussed further.

With the increasingly close introduction of the Internet in various spheres of modern life, there is now a need to create special electronic systems that would make it possible to carry out all kinds of payments on the Internet quickly and easily. There are several such systems today, but undoubtedly the most popular is WebMoney.

The WebMoney system allows you to carry out financial settlements remotely, which is very convenient when, for example, the seller is in one country, and the buyer is in another. Wherein WebMoney is not officially an electronic payment system, and its title units are electronic money. By the definition of the system itself, WebMoney is “an international payment system and an environment for doing business on the Internet,” while the title units of this system are tied to different currencies and gold.

WebMoney wallet Is a kind of virtual storage of monetary units, which, depending on the type of wallet, can be equated to Russian and Belarusian rubles, US dollars, Ukrainian hryvnias, Uzbek sums, as well as euros and gold. Anyone can create a WebMoney wallet today.

To create one or several WebMoney wallets, you need to use a professional application for a PC running Microsoft Windows, browser versions of the application, or an application for mobile phones. The choice of application depends on individual needs and simply personal preference.

The first step towards creating your own WebMoney wallet is registering in this system. To do this, go to the main page of the official WebMoney website ( and click “Registration”… In the window that opens, then you should specify your phone number and click the “Continue” button. If desired, you can import registration data from a social network of your choice: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Moi Mir, LinkedIn, etc.

After filling in all the proposed data fields and familiarizing yourself with the rules of the system, you need enter security question and answer, and then click the “Continue” button. It is very important at this stage to indicate reliable data about yourself, because otherwise you will not be able to use all the available functionality of the system. Next, you need to check the correctness of the entered data and confirm once again your desire to continue registration.

The next stage of registration involves receipt of confirmation via the e-mail specified in the personal data. You need to enter the code received from the system in the appropriate field and press the “Continue” button. After that, you also need to receive confirmation via SMS at the phone number indicated in the personal data. It is necessary to enter the code received in the SMS and press the “Continue” button again.

At the final stage of registration, you need choose a password and enter the numbers from the CAPTHA picture, press the “OK” button. If everything is done correctly, then the registration is completed and the new member of the system automatically gets access to WebMoney Keeper Mini… Now you can enter the system using your login and password, while the login can be the e-mail address, wmid or the participant’s phone number. After logging into WebMoney Keeper Mini, you can start creating a wallet.

To do this, choose item “Wallets”, and then click the Add More button. From the proposed list of currency equivalents, you need to choose the one you want, then read the agreement and confirm your agreement with the rules. Next, you need to click the “Create” button. In case of successful completion of the operation, the participant receives a notification of the form “The wallet has been successfully created!”.

In the created wallet, the participant, depending on the type of his passport, can perform different actions. So, available depositing funds into the wallet (replenishment), account statement, transfer and exchange of funds, messages from the system or other participants, a list of accounts to be paid, a list of contacts are also available.

You can use the created WebMoney wallet in the future both with the help of WebMoney Keeper Mini, and using other applications of the system: WM Keeper Classic, WM Keeper Light, WM Keeper Mobile. It is important to know that connecting WM Keeper Classic or WM Keeper Light excludes the possibility of using WM Keeper Mini and WM Keeper Mobile in the future.


How to create a WebMoney wallet