5 Things To Consider When Choosing An Ereader

5 Things To Consider When Choosing An Ereader

Among modern gadgets, e-books rightfully occupy one of the leading places. Indeed, these devices have many functions, including reading books directly, listening to music, viewing photos, connecting to the Internet. How to choose the right e-book

Any e-book is a portable device that makes it possible to read electronic texts from the screen in different formats. The same opportunity is provided by other electronic devices, for example, the same laptop, but the main advantage of e-books is in their screens.

The fact is that a special technology is used in the manufacture of e-book screens E-Inkwhich makes the screen look like a page in a book. This allows you to reduce eye strain, because such a screen does not flicker or “glare”. And such a screen is very economical in terms of energy consumption, so the battery of the e-book lasts for a long time.

To choose the right e-book, it is important to know its basic characteristics. The first thing people usually look for when buying e-books is display… The diagonal of the screen and its resolution matter: the higher these parameters, the better. At the same time, models of e-books with large screens and high resolution, as a rule, are more expensive.

Screen type e-book is of great importance when choosing it. Apart from the already mentioned E-Ink displays, there are also LCD displays, and each of these types of screens has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, E-Ink screens consume very little energy and do not tire the eyes, but at the same time they are monochrome, cannot be used for reading e-books in low light conditions and cannot support video playback. Liquid crystal displays, in turn, are backlit, polychromic, can play video, but they stress the eyes and battery of the book.

When choosing an e-book, one cannot but pay attention to her memory, both built-in and extensible. The more available memory, the more different books can be recorded on the book. Therefore, it is useful to choose those books that are equipped with slots for memory cards. Typically, the supported memory card formats are SD or micro SD. The volume is on average up to 16 GB.

What else should you keep in mind when choosing an e-book? Of course, oh supported file formatsthat you can read with the help of the book. Usually the list of supported formats includes the most common ones: TXT, RTF, HTML, FB2. Additionally, the formats DOC, CHM, DJVU, EPUB, TCR, PRC can be supported. PDF support is usually available in e-books, but reading this format can be extremely inconvenient due to the small screen size of the book.

In addition to all kinds of text formats, e-books are usually supported by various image formats, primarily JPEG. Books can also support the playback of different formats of music files, such as MP3.

Other important parameters for choosing e-books are battery life, the convenience of the location of the navigation buttons, the presence of touch control, the presence of an anti-reflective coating, the presence of a Russian-language interface. It would also not hurt to pay attention to the weight and dimensions of an e-book, because holding a book that is too heavy for a long time can be tiresome.

You can be content with the listed parameters when choosing e-books if you need fairly simple models without additional options. Otherwise, it is recommended to pay attention also to the presence of a Wi-Fi module for Internet access, video playback support, etc.

The variety of e-books today allows you to choose such devices from a very wide range. It remains only to decide for yourself which parameters of the “reader” are the most important, and the choice will be much easier to make.