How To Change The Password On The Computer (complete Tutorial)

How To Change The Password On The Computer (complete Tutorial)

Accounts exist to restrict access to information on a computer, as well as curtail user rights. If you suspect that someone found out your account password, then it’s time to change it. Only how to change the password on the computer?

Changing account password – very simple procedurewhich will take quite a bit of time about you. Let’s take a step-by-step look at all the steps required to change the password on Windows of different versions.

To change account password on Windows XP, click on the Start button and go to the control panel. In the window that opens, select the “User accounts” item. Next, the system will prompt you to select one of the tasks: change an account, create a new account, or change the method used to log in to the system. To change the password, you need to select the first item, that is, change the account. Click on the account that you will change, then in the dialog box that opens, you can not only change the password, but also the icon, name and type of the account.

To change the password, you must first enter the old and then the new passwords. Make sure your the new password met all the security criteria… You can come up with a new password that will be difficult to guess or hack.

Changing the password to a new one will take effect next time the computer boots… Don’t worry, no one will be able to log into your account.

To change password on Windows 7 you can use the method described above, but there is another option: through the task manager (Alt + Ctrl + Del). In the menu, select the option to change the password, then enter the old password and the new one. Confirm the new password by duplicating it and then save the changes. They will take effect after a reboot.

On Windows 8 the password request for entering the system is set automatically, so often you need not just change it, but even remove it. To get started, enter the Windows 8 menu and select the “Options” item in the window that opens. In the menu that opens, go to the “Change computer settings” section. Here select the “Users” item and click the “Change Password” button. Next, in the dialog box that opens, enter the old password, the new one and confirm the new password. Note that you will need to select a hint that will help you log in if you forget which password you set. To save the data, click “Finish” and you can restart your computer.

Unfortunately, do not always remember the password set for the account, especially if there are many of them on one computer. What to do in this case? There is no point in reinstalling the system, because you can do otherwise. There are many programs for recovering forgotten passwords used in Windows. Unfortunately, their functionality is limited in many ways, so don’t rely on the free app to reset your password. In fact, you can do this without programs.

To reset your password, press the F8 key before booting the system, then select Safe Mode from the Advanced Boot Options menu. To log in, select the Administrator account, it is not password protected by default. Alternatively, when logging in in safe mode, you can use other accounts if you want to reset their passwords. Next, in the “Desktop” window, confirm that Windows is running in Safe Mode. After booting up your computer, go to User Accounts (Start → Control Panel) and click on the account you want to change. In the password change window, enter a new one or leave all fields blank, which will enable you to reset the old password. Save changes and restart your computer. In such a simple way you can reset and change the password of any account.

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