How To Change Default Windows Icons

How To Change Default  Windows Icons

The customization of the Windows interface is almost limitless. Changing your wallpaper is the easiest thing to do. How about changing the icons for files and folders? If you want to go beyond the standard settings, AndroidBundle will tell you. how to change icons.

Changing the desktop icons is very simple and you can do it both with the help of built-in Windows components and third-party programs. Let’s start with standard waythat will be useful to you.

Find the folder whose icon you want to change and select it. Now right-click and select Properties from the context menu that opens. A window will open in front of you, in which you need to find the “Settings” tab. Click in this tab on the button “Change icon …” and select a new image from the list of available icons… Pay attention to the slider. If you scroll it left or right, you can find tons of different icons.

Please note that the file shell32.dll is usually specified in the path to the file with icons. This is just one of the Windows icon libraries. There are two more libraries from which images can be taken. These are the files imageres.dll и ddores.dll… All three libraries are located in the C: Windows System32 folder.

This method of changing icons can be applied not only to folders, but also to files… But in this case it is necessary to find the “Shortcut” tab in the “Properties” window. In it, as in the previous version, click the “Change icon …” button. The choice of icons is standard.

If you want something original, you can always download it from the Internet ikonpaki – free icon sets… In such sets you can find the most interesting and unusual images for every taste and color: animals, politicians, sweets, Russian themes, retro, cartoon characters, as well as New Year and Halloween sets.

Usually, iconpacks include icons with the .png extension. But in order to use an image for an icon, it needs the .ico extension. Changing the extension manually does nothing, so you can convert files using a simple utility called To iconify… Thanks to this utility, you can make an icon literally from any file with the .png extension.

To use the new icons, you need change icons… In Windows 7, you can do it like this: right-click on an empty space on the desktop and select “Personalization” from the context menu. Next, at the top left in the window that opens, find the link “Change desktop icons” and click on it. Now all that remains is to select the icon you want to change, and then select the icon in the .ico format.

Changing each specific icon is not very interesting, so you can use programs that will help you massively change icons… For example, these are Folderico, IconTo, CustoPack Tools, Bee Icons, IconPhile. Using programs opens up a lot of opportunities for you to change icons, not only folders and files, but even system icons.

note that it is better not to change the icons of the system drives… In principle, changing the image should not in any way affect the performance of the system, but sometimes “glitches” can be observed.

There is one more possibility to change icons – this is install a whole theme (not to be confused with Windows themes from Microsoft official site). In this case, not only the icons are subject to change, but also the taskbar, desktop wallpaper, appearance of folders, the context menu window and “Start”. As for the icons, they will all be automatically changed to new ones. For the rest of the interface elements use color change, pictures in the background and various elements to style the borders of the windows.

How to change icons