How Can I Make Telegram Sticker Without Background?

How Can I Make Telegram Sticker Without Background?

One of the main “tricks” of the famous messenger Telegram (“Telegram”) is funny stickers for almost all occasions, which allow you to “dilute” boring text chats. There are many stickers for Telegram, but sometimes even they are not enough to express the necessary emotions, so there is an opportunity to make unique stickers with your own hands and upload them to the messenger. About, how to make stickers in Telegram, we will talk in more detail below.

Telegram is one of the leading cross-platform messengers today. It was developed by Pavel Durov, one of the founders of the VKontakte social network and was first launched on September 6, 2013… The main functionality of Telegram is instant text messaging, but the messenger has many more additional features.

So, in Telegram today, ordinary and secret chats, group chats, calls, the exchange of media files in unlimited quantities, the maintenance of public or private channels, as well as the creation and use of chat bots are available. At the same time, since 2015, within the framework of the messenger functionality, sticker creation by users, both ordinary and animated.

To make stickers for Telegram with your own hands, not so much is needed. First, you need to prepare images that will serve as new stickers for the messenger. These images must have a resolution of 512×512 pixels and extension .pngand the use of images protected by copyright is prohibited. In addition, it is recommended to make images for stickers with a transparent background, as well as with white strokes and shadows along the outline.

Images can be prepared in any usual graphics editor… For example, the famous Adobe Photoshop or its analogs such as, say, GIMP is often used for these purposes. In the editor, as needed, you can remove the background, add text labels or make various visual effects, and then you need to save the processed image in PNG format and with the specified resolution of 512×512 pixels.


How to make stickers in Telegram with your own hands: preparing an image for a sticker in GIMP

One set can contain almost as many Telegram stickers as you like, so you can process several suitable images at once. When they are all ready, you can proceed directly to adding stickers to the messenger. For this special chatbot Stickers is used ( and web or desktop version of Telegram.

To get started, add the Stickers chatbot and run the start command to launch it. Now there are different commands to choose from for creating stickers and masks, the very first one is needed command / newpackwhich creates a new set of stickers.

After executing this command, you need to choose a name for the new sticker pack, and then the bot offers to download the prepared images one by one. They should be loaded without compression; after each download, the bot should be sent emoticons from the standard set, which should correspond to future stickers.


How to make Telegram stickers with your own hands: Stickers chatbot

When all the stickers are uploaded and the set is ready for publication, send a command to the bot /publish… Optionally, for a new set (sticker pack), you can upload an icon with a resolution of 100×100 pixels in PNG format, or you can skip this step by clicking on the / skip command. At the final stage, it remains to choose a short name for the sticker pack, which will be used in the link to add it.

With the created sticker pack, thanks to the generated link, it will be possible to share with friends and subscribers… And in the future, using the same Stickers chatbot, it will be possible to receive statistics on the use of hand-made stickers. The following set of commands is available for this:

  • / stats – sticker statistics;
  • / top – top stickers;
  • / packstats – statistics for a set of stickers;
  • / packtop – top sets;
  • / topbypack – top stickers in the set;
  • / packusagetop – statistics of your packs usage.


How to make stickers in Telegram with your own hands: a ready-made custom sticker