10 Best Apps To Learn Cooking On Android

10 Best Apps To Learn Cooking On Android

With the help of simple and accessible recipes, even very complex at first glance dishes are easy to cook. And if the recipes are also in a smartphone or tablet, then you can cook your favorite dishes anywhere and at any time. Will help with this culinary applications for OC Android.

In order to always have at hand recipes for cooking various dishes, it is convenient to install a special culinary application on your smartphone or tablet, thanks to which find the right recipe it will be a matter of 1-2 minutes. In such applications, there is often not only a description of the cooking process, but also photographs of each of the cooking stages, so even complex recipes are very simple and intuitive.

Today there are a huge number of developed for the OS Android culinary applications. Some of these applications are dedicated to recipes for a wide variety of dishes, while others are created specifically for soups and main courses, pastries, desserts, drinks, etc. You can choose the appropriate application in accordance with your personal tastes and preferences, and the collection of AndroidBundle tips is just invites you to check out some free cooking apps.

1. The best recipes in the world

The application contains recipes for dishes from different cuisines of the world… No internet connection is required for the application to work, all recipes are divided into categories, each recipe has a rating system. All recipes in the application are presented with step-by-step photos of the cooking process, have descriptions and comments from users.

An important feature of the application is the function of adding the ingredients of the dish of interest to shopping list and the ability to send this list by e-mail or sms. You can add ingredients to the shopping list directly from the recipe, and the required amount of the required ingredients will be calculated in accordance with the recipe recommendations.

Application is free, however, purchases are possible inside: for a fee, you can remove ads from the application and enable the search function by ingredients.


Category: Books and reference books
Developer / Publisher: DniproApps
Price: Is free
Download the World’s Best Recipes app

2. Meat recipes

The application is a representative of a whole series of collections of recipes from the developer liaapps. In this application there are recipes with photos for cooking a variety of pork, beef, lamb, rabbit dishes etc. The recipes are divided into categories, you can add your favorites to your favorites. Each recipe contains a list of the required ingredients, a description and step-by-step photos, as well as fields for personal notes.

A distinctive feature of the application, as well as other applications in this series, is that all the recipes are taken from the Russian-language culinary site povarenok.ru.


Category: Books and reference books
Developer / Publisher: liaapps
Price: Is free
Download the Meat Recipes app

3. Dish in 15 minutes

The application will tell you how to do everything in 15 minutes prepare delicious and mouth-watering meals. It will be interesting for those who cannot afford to spend whole hours at the stove. The recipes in the application are presented with a detailed description of the cooking process and step-by-step photos.

The interface of the application is very simple, from the settings you can only increase or decrease the font for easier reading of recipes. There are not so many recipes in the application, but their list, if desired, can be supplemented by downloading other applications of the same series from the developer goodgoodfoodfood.


Category: Books and reference books
Developer / Publisher: goodgoodfoodfood
Price: Is free
Download the Dish app in 15 minutes