3 Best (really Free) Android Antivirus Apps For 2021

3 Best (really Free) Android Antivirus Apps For 2021

The issue of virus protection is relevant not only for stationary PCs or laptops, but, of course, also for smartphones and tablets. Therefore, almost all users are puzzled by the search for suitable antiviruses for their mobile devices, for example, on the Android platform. Let’s take a look at some of the popular freebies today as an example. antivirus for Android.

Antivirus applications for Android are presented today mainly from the same developers who release desktop versions of antivirus software. For example, on the vastness of Google Play, you can easily find products both from Kaspersky Lab and from “Doctor Web”, and from AVAST Software, and from ESET, and from AVG. Moreover, despite the fact that many developers of “desktop” antivirus programs distribute their software for a fee, they often provide free applications for mobile devices.

Choice free antivirus apps for Android devices today is quite wide. To get acquainted with the main features of such applications, we invite you to take a closer look at several popular free antiviruses for Android right now.

Mobile Security & Antivirus

The application is developed by AVAST Software. The installation file of this antivirus is small, so Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus suitable even for mobile devices with a small amount of free internal memory. The main feature of Mobile Security & Antivirus is the combination of antivirus and anti-theft tools in one application.

After installing Mobile Security & Antivirus on an Android mobile device, the user first of all gets at his disposal a very powerful antivirus engine that protects the smartphone or tablet from malware and spyware. Additionally, Mobile Security & Antivirus gives the ability to significantly improve control running your mobile device, providing, for example, SMS and call filter, web screen, application blocking, firewall, traffic counter, and Anti-Theft toolkit.

Functional Anti-Theft allows you to remotely manage a device with Mobile Security & Antivirus via a web interface or SMS in case of loss or theft. You can lock the device if you want, and you can also turn on the sound signal or clear the device memory in order to protect confidential data.

The app has earned high ratings on Google Play and positive reviews from reputable publications. However, it is important to note that in order to get the most out of Mobile Security & Antivirus you may need to purchase a paid Premium version, as well as “rooting” the device, without which some functions will be inaccessible (in particular, the firewall).


Category: Instruments
Developer / Publisher: AVAST Software
Price: Is free


AntiVirus FREE

AntiVirus FREE – mobile antivirus software from AVG Mobile. This free application is designed to protect against malware, spyware, spam and identity theft. The main features of AntiVirus FREE include the ability to scan applications, files and media for viruses, remove tasks that slow down the device, protect the device from phishing attacks while surfing the web, lock or wipe the device in case of loss or theft.

In general, AVG Mobile’s AntiVirus FREE functionality is fairly standard for modern-generation mobile antiviruses, but there are several features of this application that are of interest, although they are only available for a 30-day trial period. For example, one of these “chips” is the so-called camera trap: if someone tries to enter the password for accessing the phone 3 times and makes a mistake, an email with a photo of the intruder will be sent from the front camera of the device to the owner.

On Google Play, AntiVirus FREE received an average rating of 4.4 points based on over 3 million user reviews and has been downloaded over 100 million times. Upgrade to Pro versions, which allows you to take full advantage of the protective capabilities of the antivirus, such as the already mentioned trap camera, as well as backup and blocking applications, is paid.


Category: Instruments
Developer / Publisher: AVG Mobile
Price: Is free


CM Security protection and antivirus

An application called “CM Security Protection and Antivirus”, or simply CM Security, developed by Cheetah Mobile (AntiVirus & AppLock. This application, like its “brothers” described above, is able to protect against viruses and to fight against intruders trying to get to the owner’s personal data. As the developers declare, the application has been repeatedly admitted ” number one “in the prestigious AV-TEST test conducted by the German organization.

Key features of CM Security include a powerful antivirus engine (both local and cloud kernels are used) and multilayer protection, which implements scanning not only the applications installed on the device, but also the applications that are currently being installed or updated, files and visited websites.

CM Security is positioned as one of the fastest mobile antivirus applications: it only takes about 5 seconds to scanwhile other antiviruses usually take much longer. At the same time, the application does not take up much space, which makes it possible to use it even with very modest memory resources.

If we talk about the special “skills” of CM Security, then we cannot fail to mention the function AppLocksimilar to the trap camera in AVG’s AntiVirus FREE. In CM Security, the AppLock function is available for free without restrictions, it allows you to take a photo of the one who entered the wrong password for the device twice. This function, by the way, also allows you to lock applications with a password to prevent unwanted access to them.


Category: Instruments
Developer / Publisher: Cheetah Mobile (AntiVirus & AppLock)
Price: Is free