Wi-fi Socket Beginners Guide – What Does A Wifi Smart Socket Do?

Wi-fi Socket Beginners Guide – What Does A Wifi Smart Socket Do?

The Asian electronics giant continues to delight with interesting and useful devices. One of these is the Xiaomi smart socket, which makes it possible to control home appliances remotely and set operating modes. All that is needed for its work is a smartphone with the Internet and a special mobile application. The article will discuss what kind of gadget it is, how it functions and what opportunities it opens up.

Xiaomi smart sockets - a detailed review

Features and functions

There are several models of Xiaomi sockets, each with its own functionality. The simplest devices are the Mi Home Smart Socket series, which work on a pre-set timer and are controlled remotely using a smartphone. Timer mode is a useful option. For example, when you need to go to work in the morning and you want to drink hot coffee, you can preset the socket for the kettle so that it turns on and heats the water itself. At the very least, it saves time.

Another, more functional series is Mi Smart Socket 2 ZigBee. These sockets, in addition to allowing you to set the timer, measure the total electricity consumption in the house. You can connect a boiler to them and determine what is cheaper – to heat the water yourself or use the central water supply (the device stores data in the memory of the smart home control system).

What opportunities open up for the owner of a home after installing a WiFi socket – turning on and off equipment on a schedule, remote control of the voltage supply, and so on. The system from Xiaomi “smart home” includes various devices, and if they are combined, you can automate most of the routine.


For example, a special sensor is placed on the door, and when it opens, the light comes on. Additionally, a light sensor is included in the system – it will control that the lamp connected to the outlet does not turn on during daylight hours.

Xiaomi smart sockets - a detailed review

Xiaomi system «smart home».

Principle of operation

Generally speaking, Xiaomi smart sockets are devices with a controller and an electromagnetic relay that closes and opens an electrical circuit. The device is triggered by a remote signal or automatically if the user has “laid down” his program of work. Any household appliances are connected to Wi-Fi sockets, but they are usually “connected” to boilers, air conditioners, lamps and heating equipment.

The sockets are classified according to the way they are operated and where they are installed. Xiaomi’s assortment includes only smart models that work over the Internet. How they work – they connect to the router, after which the device is assigned a dedicated IP address for transmitting commands. You can control the Wi-Fi socket from a smartphone, computer or tablet, as long as the Mi Home application is installed.


The most popular are outdoor models that do not require complex installation and intervention in the power grid. They are simply plugged into a regular outlet. Here are just Xiaomi devices are supplied with a Chinese plug, therefore, in the conditions of the Russian Federation, it is connected via an adapter.

Devices are made of heat-resistant plastic that can withstand heating up to +750 degrees Celsius. Due to their fire safety, the sockets are suitable for premises of any purpose. There are models to which you can connect 2 or more household appliances.

Xiaomi smart sockets - a detailed review

Sockets can be used for different purposes.

Where can the sockets be used?

The device “communicates” with various equipment. Here are some scenarios for working:

  • connection of a boiler or heater. Remote access allows you to turn on the heating even before the owner returns to the house;
  • router. Sometimes there are malfunctions in the operation of Internet equipment, which is why the equipment must be rebooted. In order not to manually pull the plug out of the socket every time, the restart can be transferred to a smart device. The timer function comes in handy right away. For example, the parent left and set the router to turn off after an hour. So you can be sure that the child will not be online all day;
  • washing machines. Domestic power grids sometimes work intermittently, and it is rather inconvenient to constantly monitor equipment in such conditions. The solution is to plug the clipper into a smart outlet that will automatically turn it off in case of a possible failure. The timer function is also convenient. For example, the wash will start at night, and by the morning the clothes will be ready;
  • electrical appliances operating in standby mode. Few people leaving home disconnect refrigerators, routers and other equipment from the network. One cannot be sure that during the absence of the owner there will be no power outage. A smart socket will save you from such a situation – it will turn off the equipment if you set the appropriate settings for it.

Xiaomi smart sockets - a detailed review

The socket can be applied to appliances operating in standby mode.

There may be much more examples, but in general, a smart socket is a useful device for both an apartment and a country house.

Operation procedure

The device is quite simple in terms of control. To do this, you need a smartphone with the Xiaomi Mi Home app installed. Inclusion order:

  1. The socket is plugged into the mains (the yellow indicator starts blinking).
  2. Go to Mi Home.
  3. In the upper right corner, click “Add device”. The required device will be found automatically.
  4. They press the outlet icon – pairing via the Wi-Fi network will begin.
  5. If everything is successful, the indicator will turn blue.
  6. The socket is ready for further configuration.

Otherwise, everything is simple – to enable or disable the connected device, press the big button from the application menu. The operating time or countdown (timer) is also set there. The advantage of a smart socket is that it can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world, but the phone must be connected to the Internet.

Popular models

The presented devices received high marks on Yandex.Market, so each one is worthy of a small review.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Plug (WiFi)

Xiaomi smart sockets - a detailed review

Xiaomi Mi Smart Plug.

Voice controlled adapter compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. With it, any home appliances will become “smart” and it will be possible to turn them on remotely. This not only simplifies life, but also eliminates a number of unpleasant situations (voltage drops, power outages). For example, a user forgot to turn off the iron. If it is connected to an outlet, it will already be possible to do this while on the street.

For control, a mobile application is used that “communicates” with the device via WiFi. The user can be anywhere, and at the same time control the equipment from a smartphone.

By connecting household appliances to the gadget, you can see how much electricity they consume. Energy monitoring is a useful option to help you cut costs. In addition, you can expose work scenarios, for example, so that the equipment does not work around the clock, but only when there are owners at home.


  • power – up to 3680 W;
  • voltage – 220 – 240 V;
  • current strength – up to 16 A;
  • dimensions – 52 x 90 x 73 mm.


The Smart Plug model is made of a heat-resistant housing, has a grounding and protective shutters, which makes it fireproof.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart

Xiaomi smart sockets - a detailed review

Xiaomi Mijia Smart.

The functionality is similar to the previous one: a timer, the ability to remotely control equipment, support for a voice assistant, fire safety. The difference in parameters is a simplified version for different loads:

  • power – up to 2200 W;
  • current strength – up to 10 A;
  • voltage – 100 – 250 V;
  • dimensions – 55 x 44 x 31 mm.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug

Xiaomi smart sockets - a detailed review

Almost a universal device, since on its front there are sockets for any type of plugs. The surface is flat, there are no indentations, which means that you can even connect a Soviet plug. On the side is the pairing button. It also turns on or off the connected device.


  • remote switching on and off of equipment from a smartphone;
  • control of working devices;
  • timer;
  • voice control.

The device is small – 57 x 40 x 31 mm, so several of these sockets can be inserted into the surge protector. The manufacturer has provided three-level protection: overheating, fire-resistant casing and protective shutters. For ease of use, there is an indicator.

Параметры Xiaomi Mi Smart Power Plug:

  • power – up to 2500 W;
  • current strength – 10 A;
  • voltage – 100 – 250 V;
  • working temperature – from -10 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Xiaomi ZNCZ02LM

Xiaomi smart sockets - a detailed review

Xiaomi ZNCZ02LM.

The difference from the previous ones – for its operation, a connected Xiaomi Smart Home Multifunctional Gateway is required. What it does – even if the Wi-Fi connection is cut off, the socket will continue to work smartly.


  • power – up to 2300 W;
  • current strength – 10 A;
  • voltage – 100 – 250 V;
  • dimensions – 55 x 44 x 31 mm;
  • working temperature – from 0 to +40 degrees Celsius.


Features: protective curtains, grounding, shutdown of devices in case of overheating, timer, temperature sensor, indication, IP20.

A smart plug is an effective device, but you shouldn’t expect the impossible from it. It has 2 functions: enabling and disabling. For everything else, additional equipment is required: sensors, timers, controllers. When choosing a device, you need to build on its performance.