The Top 3 Social Media Sites & Platforms 2021

The Top 3 Social Media Sites & Platforms 2021

Social networks can be used for different purposes – keeping in touch with old acquaintances and for finding new acquaintances, for business and leisure. The emergence of “specialized” social networks, in which the emphasis is on a particular function, was only a matter of time. So, more and more popularity is gained entertainment social networks.

Of course, everyone has their own idea of ​​what can be considered entertainment: for someone it is watching films and TV series, for someone – listening to music, for someone – computer games. We offer several entertainment social networks for people with different hobbies.

Strictly speaking, is not a social network, but music portal with social network functions. The service has a history of over ten years: it was founded in 2002. provides users with musical recommendations… To use this feature, you need to register and download the dedicated Scrobbler app. When you listen to music on your computer or mobile device, the app sends information about the tracks you’ve listened to to

Based on this information, the service compiles for users individual recommendations, giving them the opportunity to experience new music that they may like. The site has a tagging system to organize albums, songs and artists.

Also, based on listening statistics, may suggest you personal pages of members whose musical tastes are similar to yours. Music lovers can join the official forums of and unite in groups based on your musical interests – here’s the function of the social network.

Goodreads и LiveLib

If you like spending your evenings with an interesting book, you may be interested in social media for reading lovers… On the English-speaking Internet, Goodreads is undoubtedly the leader among such networks.

On this portal there is an extensive library catalog, which is constantly updated (including by users). By registering, you will be able to keep a list of books you have read, get access to various annotations, reviews, recommendations, and be able to take part in discussion groups and forums.

Each user can create your own bookshelves and access your friends’ shelves. Books to add to shelves can be found in the database by title, author name or ISBN number. By adding a book to the shelf, you can rate it, write a review, or write a review.

If you are not “friendly” with the English language, we can recommend the Russian-language analogue of Goodreads: сайт LiveLib (Living Library). Like Goodreads, it combines the features of a personal library, a literature resource, and a social networking site for book lovers.


Fanpop is social network for creating fan clubs… If you love any movie, TV series or actor, but cannot find like-minded people, you are on a direct road to Fanpop.

This social network allows you to create fan clubs and join existing ones. Everything fan clubs are divided into categories: TV series, movies, music, celebrities, books, animation.

Each fan club has a wall of messages from users, the ability to add images (images are divided into categories – photos, wallpapers, avatars, fan art, screenshots) and videos. You can also post text materials and links in the fan club. Services such as forums, polls, quizzes and answers are also available.

Fanpop social network English speaking, but its interface is quite simple. The main target audience is teenagers.

Of course, these are just a few examples of entertaining social media. There are more highly specialized social networks, uniting people with a wide variety of interests: music lovers and moviegoers, animal lovers and gardeners, bodybuilders and cyclists … So we can safely say that there is a social network for every or almost every hobby.


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