Best Must Have Apps From The Mi App Store

Best Must Have Apps From The Mi App Store

Xiaomi’s success in electronics is not only due to smartphones combining advanced features, cutting-edge design and affordable price. The brand is known for its proprietary MIUI firmware, one of the best Android skins for ten years. In order for users to make the most of the capabilities of the smartphone, the company offers a number of proprietary applications, Mi Apps Xiaomi widgets, the list of which is constantly updated.

List of apps for Xiaomi

Mi App Store

All official Xiaomi apps can be installed from the Mi App Store.

Most of the software solutions offered by Xiaomi smartphone users are already built into the MIUI firmware. They can also be installed from the Mi App Store available on Google Play, or as an apk file offered by third-party resources. Among the most popular applications:

My Home

My Home

Mi Home app interface.

Created to combine Xiaomi smart devices into a single Smart Home system. Mi Home allows you to remotely control the operation of devices from a smartphone, change settings, turn on / off equipment, while you can be thousands of kilometers from home, it is enough to provide a reliable Internet connection.


To control the equipment, it is previously added to the Mi Remote, then the settings are loaded into the application and are available for use.

We Conductor

Standard file manager used in Xiaomi firmware. The program performs a number of common functions: creating, moving, viewing, copying, deleting files stored in the internal memory, installed memory cards.

We Conductor

Mi Explorer app interface.

Using Mi Explorer, you can watch videos, photos taken with the camera, work with archives of popular formats. The program is capable of showing audio recordings made with a standard dictaphone – they are not displayed in other players. Also, the explorer will help clean the system of unnecessary files, garbage, unused programs.


Service Utility – improves phone performance, enhances data security by providing:


Features of the Security application.

  • advanced cleaning of cache, unnecessary files, duplicate information, installation packages;
  • security of payments;
  • control over the absence of malicious files;
  • adaptation of technical capabilities for a specific game;
  • viewing mobile traffic, its limitation;
  • the ability to set a password to enter applications;
  • optimized battery consumption.


The application is preinstalled in the firmware. If the user accidentally deleted it, to restore it, you need to install it from the Mi App Store using the apk file, or by resetting the phone to factory settings.

Mi Drop (ShareMe)

Mi Drop (ShareMe)

The main functions of the Mi Drop app.

A special program that allows you to transfer files of any format, size via Wi-fi, without a Bluetooth connection. This solution speeds up the transfer of information, which is important when sending and receiving large amounts of data.

You don’t need an internet connection to use the app. During the transfer, the data does not change resolution, it is transmitted without compression, which is important for videos and photographs.

Mi Assistant

The function first appeared in the MIUI 9 firmware. In fact, it is a platform that provides convenient access to programs and files.

Among the possibilities:

  • taking notes without using third-party software, which helps save space. Notes take up a minimum of space in the internal memory (like a regular text);
  • saving notifications, reminders. The assistant will remind you of important meetings, events in details, it is enough to give the appropriate instruction;
  • sorting popular programs for quick launch. In Mi Assistant, the user always has at his fingertips frequently used tools for work, instant messengers, social networks, games.



How to enable carousel mode.

The widget allows you to automatically change the wallpaper set on the lock screen. Here you can set up a slideshow, select images from the database that are adapted to the smartphone screen.


Designed to update MIUI firmware using EDL, Fastboot.

Will allow:

  • replace the Chinese shell with a global one;
  • update to the latest version;
  • restore performance after “oskirpichivaniya”;
  • eliminate critical system problems;
  • go back to the previous build.


A PC connection is required to operate the instruments.


MiFlash application interface.

Mi Remote

Designed for models with a built-in infrared port (most of Redmi, Xiaomi models), it is also suitable for controlling devices with support for Smart Home technology via the Internet. Allows you to abandon the standard remote control for household appliances. In Mi Remote, you can quickly and conveniently switch TV channels, control air conditioning, audio system.

For synchronization it is enough:


TV remote control in MiRemote app.

  1. Go to Mi Remote, add a new remote.
  2. In the window that appears, select the manufacturer, the current state of the connected household appliances.
  3. Next, the calibration of the infrared port and the application starts. When household appliances respond to the commands of the smartphone, just click “Yes”.
  4. At the last stage, you must enter the name of the vehicle where it is located.

By creating an account for Mi Remote, you can restore the saved settings when you replace the phone.

Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite application interface.

A file manager with advanced functions that opens access to external, internal memory. With it, you can transfer files to a computer without using a USB connection, see the phone screen on a PC monitor, and receive up-to-date information about the smartphone.

Mi PC Suite will allow you to create a backup data archive, restore files on the phone, update the firmware via Recovery mode.

My Move

My Move

Mi Mover app icon.

Mi Mover is an application for comfortable migration from other smartphones to Android, Iphone to Xiaomi, Redmi smartphones. Data transfer from the memory of an old phone to a new one is carried out wirelessly, the devices are connected via a portable access point.


The user can choose what information he wants to see in the memory of the new smartphone: music, videos, photos, documents, a subscriber database, and other important files.

Mi Pay

A contactless payment solution powered by China Union Pay. Designed for smartphones equipped with an NFC module.

Mi Pay allows you to store the details of payment, discount cards, contactless use them when paying in a store – just bring your mobile phone to the terminal.


The solution so far only works in China, India, and is not available for the Russian and European markets.

Mi Pay

Application for contactless payment.

Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools

A special tool for advanced users to remove unnecessary system programs, clear cache, reset factory settings. Using Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools it is possible to block the bootloader. An application for owners of smartphones with open root rights, an active bootloader, if these capabilities are blocked, the functionality will be limited.

You can download the application for Windows, Mac, Linux. There are two options available: a universal Java version and a version developed for a specific OS. The jar file has great features and gets updates more often.

With Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools, you can also:

  • flash the phone completely or a separate section via Fastboot;
  • activate Camera2 api;
  • put your mobile phone into extended reboot mode: Recovery, EDL, Fastboot;
  • for owners of smartphones on Android One – block / unblock the standard launcher.

Fitness Bracelet & Smart Watch Apps

Fitness bracelets cannot work independently – only in conjunction with a smartphone, on which a special application is installed. To take advantage of all functions, ensure a reliable connection, correct data processing – it is recommended to choose branded applications for Xiaomi, available in the Mi App Store, or recommended by the manufacturer.

They usually have modest system requirements:

  • OS Android 7 or newer, IOS version 7 or higher;
  • presence of Bluetooth with active BLE-profile.

These options are present in every modern smartphone.


The main program for the work of the Mi Band fitness tracker is Mi Fit. Its use requires registration of a Mi-account, then you can synchronize the bracelet with the phone, use all the bracelet’s capabilities (monitor physical activity, receive notifications, view data on a smartphone, etc.). But there are also a number of worthy alternatives.

Mi Fit

The interface and functionality of the Mi Fit application.

Among the popular ones:

  • Notify and Fitness is an application with a wide range of functions, including: watch face designer, synchronization with popular services, the ability to set up notifications for each contact, show sleep and heart rate history, set up a reminder system.
  • Navigation. The program displays the distance to the target on the bracelet screen, the expected time to complete the route, and shows when you need to turn. With it, there is no need to constantly hold the smartphone in hand to find the right place.
  • Master for MiBand. The functionality of the application is constantly being updated. Implemented sleep analysis, smart alarm clock, advanced notification system. There is the ability to control the volume, music, there is a function of demonstrating the weather, humidity, notification when the owner’s pulse is out of the normal range.
  • Designed for customizing the dial. There are several hundred options to choose from for every taste. It is enough to click “Install” opposite the profile you like, then open Mi Fit, and it will appear in the list of available watch faces.
  • Band Selfie. Transforms the bracelet into a camera shutter button. Band Selfie is compatible with Open Camera, Bison, Night Selfie camera apps, suitable for selfies, group shots.

Functional services offered within the Mi App Store allow owners of Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones to get the most out of the technical capabilities of the device. Their list is expanding with each new version of MIUI firmware. All applications, widgets, utilities are carefully designed, have a simple, clear interface, work on all brand smartphones without failures, malfunctions, slowdowns.