10 Best Car Apps For Android (best Car Experience)

10 Best Car Apps For Android (best Car Experience)

A lot of people spend a lot of time in their cars. This makes it important to get technology into the car too. There are many car apps for Android, and people can have fun with these apps while they are driving. The ecosystem is not that impressive yet, but there are still some good things you can play with in your car!

Best Car Apps For Android

Android Auto

Android Auto is a great car app. You can use it for Google Maps, messaging apps, and music apps. There are two ways to use Android Auto: you can open the app on your phone and put it on your dashboard as a mount that plugs into your car’s dash; or there are cars with Android Auto built-in that already has it on the screen of the touchscreen in the car. It is free and usually better than what other companies offer. The only downside is that this app does not work with old cars because they do not have an internet connection.

Car Maintenance by myCARFAX

This app is called Car Maintenance. It helps you with a lot of things like your registration and when it is time to do maintenance. You can also find a mechanic through the app. The only thing not good about this app is that you need to be careful because it might show mechanics who aren’t on the service network.

Drivvo and Fuelio

Drivvo is one of the most powerful car apps. It helps you track your gas mileage, repairs, and more. It’s especially good for those who drive a lot for work. You can use this app to keep track of your expenses for tax season. Drivvo also has maintenance records with reminders when more maintenance is necessary. Fuelio is another app that does the same thing as Drivvo but in a different way, and it’s also very similar to Drivvo’s biggest rival in this space – they both do things that are similar but work slightly differently – you can choose whichever one works best for your needs if you want to use something like these apps!


GasBuddy is an app that lets you know the cheapest gas in your area. You can do this on a road trip or when you are driving around your home town. If you want to, you can also help GasBuddy by changing prices as soon as they change. People who help contribute sometimes win $100 of free gas!


SpotAngels is a new app for finding parking spots. It has potential to help you find parking spaces when you need them. There are 20 cities where it works now, and more will be added in the future. You can also use it to send information about safe places to park if they aren’t supported yet.

Torque Pro

Torque Pro is an app that pairs with various devices and helps you solve problems like your check engine light. You can also track information like the speed, CO2 emissions, and more. The app was last updated in 2015. There is a free version to try first, but it does not get updates as often as the pro version does.


YouTube is a place for people who like cars. There are lots of videos about how to fix the car, how to change oil in your car, and other things like waxing your car. Lots of people already know this. YouTube is still one of the best places for people who like cars.

Gas station rewards apps

Some gas stations offer rewards programs that you use when you buy things. The more you buy, the more points you get. You can trade in your points for prizes like gift cards and discounts on gas at the station. Some grocery stores also have a station with a rewards program. It may take longer to get these rewards than it would at a regular gas station, but they are still worth having because we all want free stuff sometimes!

Car part mobile apps

There are many stores that sell car parts. You can find some on the phone or on a computer. These stores have apps for ordering parts, buying things, and checking inventory. There are not any one store we can recommend because they all do as well as each other.

Car manufacturer car apps

Many car makers have apps now. They give you a lot of different things. Some of the features are remote starting your car, locking or unlocking the doors, OnStar access, and diagnostics. You need to have a newer car for these apps to work. But they can be very helpful! The range of features is large-some are better than others but all could use some improvement.

Still, you’re the owner of the car. You should look for a new one. Some manufacturers that use their mobile app experience include Ford (linked), Hyundai, and Chevy. Most car manufacturers have apps that do something. Some of those apps need a yearly subscription though, so make sure to ask your dealership about it for details before buying it.

If you know any great car apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments.