5 Best Fishing Games For Android In 2021

5 Best Fishing Games For Android In 2021

Especially for those who would like to catch such a trout or a huge catfish, as they like to show in various television programs about fishing, today there are excellent fishing simulators for Android: right on your smartphone or tablet, you can try your luck in different parts of the world and catch the rarest and most expensive fish.

Fishing simulator games are a very popular type of game that allows you to have a great time doing one of the most beloved activities of men. Both on ordinary PCs and on mobile devices, such games are presented in a very wide range, so everyone can find something most suitable for themselves. We invite you to check out some of the most popular fishing simulators for Android.

Go fishing (Let’s fish!)

This mobile fishing simulator for Android offers fishing lovers more than 40 fishing spots, more than 400 types of fish, more than 300 levels and a huge number of different tackles for really interesting fishing. The developers tried to make the gameplay as realistic as possible, and here, like in real fishing, you can use different tackle and bait to catch different types of fish, compete with other fishermen, show off your catch and sell it, etc.

Players in the fishing simulator will not be bored, because the first bites can be in a few seconds after casting. But you should not flatter yourself: the fish of an inattentive fisherman can easily get off the hook!


Category: Simulators
Developer / Publisher: Ten Square Games
Price: Is free
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Fishing Spot: Gone Fishing

This mobile game from Game Insight has already been downloaded by users more than 5 million times (second edition) and continues to gain popularity. It includes more than 80 species of fish, pleases players with a wide variety of tackles and lures. The game has a good training mode, in which cute characters introduce newcomers to the basic features.

You can catch fish in the game both on a fishing rod and on a spinning rod, a set of tackles and baits for each case, you can choose your own. You can always sell your catch to earn money for new equipment, and you can also show off especially interesting items to your friends on Facebook.

In Gone Fishing, you can simply enjoy virtual fishing at your pleasure, or you can perform interesting tasks and participate in competitions… The game has paid content: if there is not enough play money for some particularly desirable tackle, you can always use real money to purchase.


Category: Sport games
Developer / Publisher: GIGL
Price: Is free
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Ace Fishing: Ace Fishing

Great physics that makes you feel like on a real fishing, amazing 3D graphics, so realistic that it seems that the fish is about to jump right from the smartphone screen, close to the natural behavior of the fish – all this is promised to the players by the developers of Ace Fishing. And, I must say, the promise is not in vain.

The game will delight fishing fans with simple controls, a wide variety of fish, including exotic species, and a wide selection of beautiful locations. There is also a competitive aspect in the game: championships, tournaments and leaderboards will stir up the gambling fisherman. Of the shortcomings of the game, users most often point out a very aggressive donation: As you progress through the levels, it becomes almost impossible to fish without investing real money.


Category: Sport games
Developer / Publisher: Com2uS USA
Price: Is free
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