10 best document scanner apps for Android

Admin, Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Smartphones are useful for many things. One of the less common uses is digitizing documents. You can scan documents into PDF format or even just scan them to send by email. Smartphones are very helpful for scanning forms and receipts. Most scanners in the Play Store should work for most people’s use cases. Some are better than others though, so here are some of the best document scanner apps for Android!

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is a document scanner app. It is one of the newer apps. There are all of the important things that you need in this app. You can scan in documents and receipts just like most apps do. There are also color presets to make the document more legible if needed. You can scan documents by using your device. You can email them or save them to the cloud, which is a safe place to store things. The feature list is not long, but it includes important things that you might need.


CamScanner is an app that you can use to scan documents. It’s often used because it has many features. You can export your document as PDF or JPEG files, and you can print them with the cloud-printing feature or even fax them by paying a small fee. This is an app that you can use to share documents and videos with other people. You can get most of the features for free, but if you really need them, you can subscribe for a price.

Clear Scan

Clear Scanner is a good app for making scans. It can do both PDF and JPEG conversions, and it works quickly. You can upload your scans to the cloud with one of these options: Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. Some other features include a small app size, organization features, editing options, and more. We also like the quick processing speeds, above-average scan quality, and simple editing features. You can get most of the app for free, or you could pay $2.49 to use the pro version.

Document Scanner

Document Scanner is an all-in-one scanning solution. It has most of the basic features like PDF conversion, scanning, OCR support, and others. But it also includes a QR code scanner and image support. The app can scan anything. It has a feature that turns on a flashlight in low-light environments. The app is one of the more powerful document scanner apps. That’s just how these things work. It is a good way to do several things at once, but some people may not like it because they only want one thing done.

Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner is a good app for scanning and faxing. It has PDF and JPEG support, as well as document scanning. You can also edit documents with this app too. There is also fax sending app that you can use if you need to send something by fax. There is a free and a pro version of the app. The free one limits the number of documents that you can scan. The pro version does not have this limitation. It’s also free to use on Google Play Pass if you use it. The two premium versions are $9.99 and $14.99, you can also get it for free if you have the Google Play Pass.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is one of the most popular document scanner apps. It supports features like scanning and conversion for documents. It also has features to help people scan things like school notes, whiteboards, and other items. The app is easy to use. We liked how it scanned and edited things. They also have a faxing app for when you need to do that with their other apps too. The pro version of this app costs $7.99 and comes with many features. There is also a monthly subscription service for those who use this app a lot, but we don’t recommend it to people who only use this app sometimes.

Microsoft Office Lens

Office Lens is an app created by Microsoft. It is good for school or business use. You can scan documents like you normally would. The app also has very good quality for receipts, whiteboards, sketches, business cards, and more! You can save your scans to Microsoft OneNote. It will work for Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, and German. The app is free to download and use whether or not you have an Office 365 subscription. However, if you have a Microsoft Office subscription, it will work better.

SwiftScan (formerly Scanbot)

SwiftScan is a type of scanner that you can use to scan documents. You can send them to other people and store them in the cloud. It also lets you scan QR codes and barcodes. SwiftScan is pretty good at reading text too, even if the letters are messy or weird looking. This app is a little buggy. The OCR could use some improvement. People who do not have a good phone should not get this app because it does not work well on their phones. But, the people who get this app can use it for many different purposes and they will benefit from it more than Some people will get hurt if they do not pay for credits while faxing documents. Most of the features are free.

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is one of the better document scanner apps. The app supports a lot of features, like saving documents in PDF files so you can use them later. It also has five different levels of contrast, a quick search, and support for many cloud storage services. Developers also have a fax app. You can use it to fax documents after making them. It shares a lot of the same features as Simple Scan. Either one should be good enough.


TurboScan is a good choice for an app that scans documents. It has all of the features you need, and it also has a feature that will make sure the document is scanned correctly. You can do a lot with this app. You can scan documents and save them to PDF, JPEG, or PNG files. If you only need 3 pages in a multi-page document, then the free version is best for you. If you want to be able to scan more pages in a multi-page document, then the paid version

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