10 Best Drawing Apps For Android

Drawing is a popular hobby for people from all over the world. People have been doing it since before recorded history. We have more gadgets now to draw with than we did before, like phones and tablets and computers. Artists can start drawing at any time of their life and we want to help them … Read more

10 Best Document Scanner Apps For Android

Smartphones are useful for many things. One of the less common uses is digitizing documents. You can scan documents into PDF format or even just scan them to send by email. Smartphones are very helpful for scanning forms and receipts. Most scanners in the Play Store should work for most people’s use cases. Some are … Read more

The Best Android 11 Features You Need To Know

The Android operating system for 2020, called Android 11, launched on the Google Pixel smartphones in the summer of that year. Now it is on other phones like Samsung and OnePlus. Android 11 is similar to Android 10. You might not notice many differences when you first start it up, but if you keep using … Read more